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Art & Culture | Feb 20, 2019

Up Close And Personal With The Source Direct

Wilfred Clarke
Up Close And Personal With The Source Direct

If for some reason, you either did not know or could not make it to Mix-mag and Coors Light’s office party, then you missed the man who is arguably stamping his mixing authority on Drum & Bass by bringing back the good old days and its fond memories.

With him, you do not get Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, BBQ or any other ingredient. All you get is the real sauces from Source Direct. Yes, that is his stage name, but otherwise called Jimmy.

Not until I got an invite to take part in Mixmag's office party, I would have argued with anyone who would have said to me that Drum and Bass are still in existence after all these while.

Thinking D & B has had its time some long time ago among all sorts of genres, then saw a drama unfolding right before my eyes.

The knob-twiddling was handled by a certain DJ called the Source Direct. What a name to behold in the artistic world of disc jockeying.

He is so simple and rightfully unassuming as compared to some other notable DJs. No worries, it is not the one you know, there are so many of them, which makes Source Direct the real deal.

There are so many DJs who select, mix, blend and deliver the gig. But with Source Direct, you get a certain degree of art and drama that goes with his delivery and flow, which makes him an interesting figure to watch.

His selection, mixing, cuts, cues, sampling and general performance was as tight and bright as can be. Some patrons were dancing while others stood still watching him fiddling with the mixer in awe.

With all these Brexit issues here and there, all one needs to cool off, is some chilled Coors Light beer to make the party smooth and clubbing.

One can chill in a typical mix-mag environment on a Friday afternoon not only in London. But also in their other branches in America, Australia, Turkey, Argentina and some other countries.

Mix-mag and Coors Light are making some wonderful gesture and movements for the creative industry to sustain its credibility as entertaining and relevant as ever.

Listening to music at home is quite different from listening to the same music at Lab London with its powerful sounds systems.

The acoustics in its fullest definition surrounding a party should be a nice experience. Any clue? Sorry, I do not know the sorts of speaker or speakers you have at home. And therefore I am not disputing or disrespecting your style, taste or method of music listening.

But just imagine yourself in a music space genetically known as the Sound Laboratory. Your guess might be as good as mine.

So if you are a friendly person who shares the same values as Mix-mag and Coors Light, then start making the right moves towards their outfit, since they are the source direct.

Every week mix-mag showcases some of the world's best DJs to their fans, which is an experience not to be missed. This is because you get to see and feel the presence of the DJ in closeness than in a normal club ambience. And also nice and friendly staffs to mingle with.

Love Lab London.......... well me too.

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