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Sep 12, 2018 | Hot Issues

DKB Punches David Oscar Over “Boring Comedian” Comment

DKB Punches David Oscar Over “Boring Comedian” Comment

Ghanaian comedian, Derick Kobina Bonney, aka DKB has hit back at his arch-rival David Oscar for describing him as “boring comedian”.

All started when DKB apologised to his fans for his poor performance at the second edition of Glo Lafta Fest over the weekend.

“It is not every day that your jokes land well and I accept the fact that I didn’t do well. Better luck for me next time,” DKB was reported to have said after the show

Which interestingly the Do Nation boss “David Oscar” teased DKB for calling himself “King of Comedy” in Ghana but fails to impress anytime he performs on stage.

“I hear your king flopped on stage last night and is now apologizing? … Oh tell him we accepted the apology way before he offered it, but also tell him to come to the silverbird cinemas on Saturday night 15th September to watch Ghana’s best standup comedian Augustin Dennis, so he can improve himself!! HahHahahahahaha,” David Oscar wrote

Meanwhile, DKB has responded to David Oscar’s criticisms that he should stop calling himself a king and go learn from his “master” Augustine Dennis at Silverbird Cinemas come 15th September.

His post read, “They scream my shortcomings and whisper my success, No matter how they dim the light it still conquers darkness, Truly I have only Jesus Christ and my fans to impress, Continue tarnishing me it only shows your weakness, Keeping my fans happy always is my only business.

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