Apprise Music to offer free digital distribution and content monetization to Musiga (MGA) members

By Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi
Press Release Apprise Music to offer free digital distribution and content monetization to Musiga MGA members
SEP 5, 2018 LISTEN

As artistes , musicians, we know we have all composed and recorded songs or music, which we intended to promote, distribute and sell globally that will eventually prompt us to embark on tours to make more money and then invest, or venture into other businesses and projects.

In brief, we are hereby introducing to you 'Apprise Music', which has a music app that can allow musicians to promote and monetize their music.

The app delivers music to over 150 digital stores in Ghana/Africa and around the world.

Your songs will be on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Apprise Music, among many others.

Currently, some of MGA members and other musicians (including MGA Chairman) have their/our music/songs are already on the above mentioned sites, which were uploaded by Apprise Music.

With Apprise Music, you will enjoy music downloads and unlimited streaming using mobile money wallet on

You will be able to premiere your music videos, interviews, blog submissions, radio features and many more...

You will be able to upload your releases (songs), access sales reports and REQUEST PAYMENTS.

To us, APPRISE MUSIC is your best choice if you want to monetize your music and promote yourself.

Comrade musicians, we vouch that this is a promotional platform for signed and unsigned artistes who wants guaranteed visibility worldwide.

On Apprise Music, you get day insight on how your releases are performing on different services, territories and demographic groups.

At Apprise Music, they like to keep things simple and transparent. They are all about getting your music heard and bought so you can get paid. They want you to make a living doing what you love.

Like previously stated, Apprise Music is the foremost African digital music distribution service tailor-made for artistes and labels to gain affordable and equal to all channels of music such as Tidal, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and 150+ other stores with an added store that supports download/streaming of music using a payment gateway accessible to the Ghanaian music fans.

Finally, any musician who wants his or her music to be uploaded on to Apprise Music app must contact MUSIGA Greater-Accra Regional office (ATTN: Joe Wizzy, MGA Regional Organizer: 0243979779) or Contact directly Apprise Music at NCR Building at Adabraka, Accra (Opposite defunct Roxy Cinema) or their Telephone/WhatsApp : (+233) 0245024002 or 0244430244, 0552153124, 0555521998.

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

We pray that you will make use of this medium to advance.

Credit: Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi, Chairman, MUSIGA Greater-Accra (MGA)

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