25.05.2015 Lyrics

Lyrics- Eazzy (Burning Love ) Feat 4X4

By Anita Asante
Lyrics- Eazzy Burning Love  Feat 4X4
25.05.2015 LISTEN

I see the fire burning in your eyes
You keep hurting me but i keep putting aside
A million promises that you gave me
Told me that you will love me
Till the end of time but baby where they at?
I hustle to pick up the pieces to fix up the puzzle

Real true love aint about flexing your muscle
But baby when im with you i feel alive
So You gonna need more than empty promises to make it alright

Take it Eazzy my baby
Ani ole ak3 nsumor bo baby
Take it Eazzy 2×
I know you know say i love you my baby and its crazy

Oh my baby o oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh my baby o
Your love go kill me o
Dem say love dey be
Dem say love dey jorm
So i put my heart deep inside wey i taste am
At first sight e sweet
Edey bee pass tom tom
But den i relise say the pepper dey inside too much

Edey burn edey burn edey burn my heart o
Edey burn edey burn edey burn edey burn my heart
Oh baby o quench am quench am quench am my baby o quench am this love dey burn

4x4 Fresh prince
Dem say tin for you araba dross
me i say tin me for me never go loss
If you gonna be mine den im gonna have you girl
Cos i love you
If u love someone gotta let her go
And if she go and she come back soon
Then u know that she yours
Oh yeah yeah
Oh my baby ey
Oh my baby my baby my baby my baby
you know i love you so
Baby You know that i love you so
Repeat chorus
Quench am Quench am my baby o quench am
This love dey burn me o
My baby i go quench am quench am my baby i go quench am this love wey dey burn u o

Its Eazzy baby .you know its 4x4 ,Garzy on the beat yeah

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