Cameroonian boxer Francis Ngannou's 15-month-old son dies

Exclusive News Cameroonian boxer Francis Ngannou's 15-month-old son dies

Cameroonian boxer and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is mourning the death of his 15-month-old son Kobe.

Ngannou took to social media on Monday, April 29, to announce that his young son who was born on January 13, 2023, had passed away on April 27, 2024.

In a social media post, Ngannou wrote "01/13/2023 - 04/27/2024 Too soon to leave but yet he's gone. My little boy, my mate, my partner Kobe was full of life and joy. Now, he's laying without life. I shouted his name over and over but he's not responding."

The 37-year-old Cameroonian fighter went on to express his immense grief and struggle to come to terms with the tragic loss.

“I was my best self next to him and now I have no clude of who I am. Life is so unfair to hit us where it hurts the most. How do you deal with such a thing? How can you live with it? Please help me if you have an idea because I really don't know what to do and how to deal with this,” he wrote.

In an earlier post before announcing Kobe's death, a distraught Ngannou reflected on the cruelty of life.

“What's the purpose of life if what we're fighting tooth and nail to get away from is what finally hit us the hardest!? Why is life so unfair and merciless? Why does life always take what we don't have? I'm fucking tired,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, Ngannou has not elaborated on the circumstances surrounding his son Kobe's passing.


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