Dumsor: I sleep beside my ‘freezer’ with the door open, use my wife’s rechargeable ‘makeup fans’ — Keche reveals how he deals with 'heat' at night

Social News Dumsor: I sleep beside my freezer with the door open, use my wifes rechargeable makeup fans —Keche reveals how he deals with 'heat' at night

Ghanaian artist Keche Andrew has revealed his strategy for dealing with the scorching heat during power outages, locally known as ‘dumsor.’

In an interview on Talktainment, Andrew shared his strategy for cooling down during night blackouts.

“Nowadays, the light goes off at night when one is asleep. You wake up from sleep abruptly and find out you’re sweating. You start to sweat even in your dreams,” he lamented, highlighting the discomfort caused by frequent power cuts.

To combat this, Andrew disclosed that he resorts to sleeping next to his refrigerator, with its door open, allowing the cool air to circulate and keep him cold.

“As for me, I sweat a lot. Also most of the time, I feel too lazy to go downstairs to refill the diesel and start the generator so I just find means to keep me a bit cold,” he explained.

Andrew further mentioned using his wife’s portable, rechargeable fans, often used for drying makeup to beat the heat during ‘dumsor.’

“I’ve had to resort to rechargeable fans lately. And when those run out of power, I use the compact ones my wife uses for her makeup,” he added.

However, his coping mechanisms were not without criticism.

He also criticized the government’s handling of ‘dumsor,’ noting a lack of acknowledgement and effective measures to address the issue.

“Our former president owned up to the ‘dumsor’ issues during his term and gave us a schedule. But now, we face a government that won’t admit to the current state of affairs,” he remarked.

Expressing frustration over the politicization of societal issues, Andrew emphasized the need for citizens to voice concerns without fear of being labeled or tagged to political parties.

“Our president once said we shouldn’t be mere spectators but should voice our concerns. Yet, in our country, when we speak up, we’re quickly labeled and boxed into political affiliations,” he stated.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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