Medikal and Fella's marriage was bound to fail — Maurice Ampaw

Social News Medikal and Fella's marriage was bound to fail — Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has opined that Medikal's marriage to Fella Makafui was doomed to fail from the onset due to their excessive use of social media.

According to the prominent lawyer, the constant use of social media in their relationship made their breakup foreseeable.

Speaking on Wontumi TV, Ampaw advised Medikal to seek counseling to help heal his broken heart. The couple decided to divorce in January 2024, and despite agreeing to co-parent their daughter, Fella claims Medikal has continued to make baseless accusations on social media.

In response to these accusations, Ampaw urged Medikal to keep certain matters private.

"I have heard Medikal talking on social media. Broken heart is troubling you. Medikal needs psychiatric and serious counseling. Mentally, he is going through a hard time—some cry, others get angry or violent, but for Medikal, it is making him talk too much. Whatever you are saying on social media, your child will grow up and come and listen," Ampaw advised.

Ampaw also noted that Medikal could learn from his close friend Shatta Wale, who chose not to marry Shatta Michy, understanding the weight and complexities of marriage. "When you enter into a relationship, there is confidentiality. An example is a conversation between a client and a lawyer; a doctor and a patient; a pastor and his congregation. We don’t talk about business secrets such as state secrets, and there is also matrimonial secrecy," he explained.

Daniel Owusu
Daniel Owusu

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