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My Poetic Bible Story

God did form the earth-

A source of food for all the earth And then he formed man;
The Lord's own kinsman.
He brought in the woman-

A companion and helpmate for man To be a universal mother;
The man being the world's father Then the crafty serpent came,
To get them become the same,
As him who did forsake,
Our Lord for the helly lake For this a lamb was slain,
That man might regain A re-connection with God,
And share In His reward.
But man would work with sword;
Before he can even afford;
Just a daily meal,
With snake biting his heil.
While women in pains conceive;
For letting the snake deceive;
Even when she did know,
The fruit would bring them low.
The snake would move on chest;
For his deadly test And man would crush his head;
Till he be put to dead.
And then unto eternity,
Between them would be enmity-

The sons of each of them;
That God did condemn.
The land for them was cursed;
The Lord Almighty forced;
The land to bear briers,
That man might till with cries.
Man knew his wife,
And bear one who killed with a knife,
His only brother- His wails,
not a bother For this God did not forgive,
But made him a fugitive,
Seven times of his bill,
Only can a man kill.
Then came a killer Lamech-

Not like the raptured Enoch,
Who slew this fugitive,
And carried all the negative

The latter righteous man,
A wonderful gentleman;
Who did walk with God,
As Noah also pleased God.
Even in a time;
Angels fell with those in that regime,
Noah found God's favour,
Because his kept his fervour.
God did vow to wipe,
The world with just a swipe;
Of water from his eyes,
And melted heavenly ice.
God did choose a date

To pay their sins a rate

And that

He won't repent Unless they all repent Noah preached the gospel Just trying to compel

Them all to stop the wretch

So that for God they search

But man would never go Into the ark they did know

Was built to save them And they did only condemn

At last the floods came And levelled all their fame With just a single blow,
The Lord God brought them low

The waters flowed from heaven

To cover all the heathen

Because they would not join Noah and those from his loin God then made a covenant

With Noah and the remnant

When Noah made him glad

With offering after the flood

And thus He would never

Make the waters cover

The earth and its crowd

Even when there be cloud

A rainbow would be a sign And then he would resign

The alarming being raised aloud

When He sees it in the cloud Noah and all were blessed

And every creature was cursed Should they take any man's life

But eaten animals be killed with a knife

Then Noah did toil Being a man of the soil And made he some vine

From which he drank some wine

He laid naked inside Ham told his brothers outside

Who backwarded into the tent And covered him with a garment

For this Ham was cursed Japheth and Shem were blessed

And ham would be a slave

For what he failed to save

From these arose a nation

Who attempted building a mansion?

As tall as to Heaven To keep them all from spreading But the lord came down

To see this great town

The city they were cluing And all things they were doing

Their acts kindled his rage

And he did change their language

The men who once gathered

Now were they all scattered

Farthest he made them go And made their tactics low

He got their building stopped And this great city flopped

The tower was called Babel

And noted down for the gospel

That God once confused

The language that was fused

Two years after the flood Shem did bear Arphaxad And births up to Nahor

And Haran who died at Ur His father set out for Canaan

But died he at Haran Abram's wife who had been barren

Was also among the brethren

The Lord then did call Abram to leave his father's hall And then go to a place

The Lord himself will showcase His blessers the Lord will bless

And cursers will bear a curse

If Abram would leave

Haran And then set for Canaan Abram did obey

With no say or delay

With Sarai and his nephew Lot

They set out for the plot

This poem is not complete

Because we cannot complete Neither can we pretend;
That of book writing,
there is any end

To be continued.
(if the Lord permits) Written on the 11th of April, 2015 (09:40am);
continued on the 13th of April (14:54pm);
continued 16th April, 2015 (4:00am),
Continued on Friday, 16th April,2015 (at 11:15 am at Societte Generale, Adum);
continued on the 21th of April, 2015 (at 14; 1pm);
continued on 22nd of April, 2015 (4:00am)

by Prince Kwesi Otabil

 Posted by: Prince Kwesi Otabil

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