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the three boys

there live three boys''trouble,manner,crazy''one day trouble was missing ,so crazy went to the police man and asked him,please i'm looking for trouble, the police man asked him,are u crazy?he answered "yes i'm called crazy.the policeman said where are ur manners.''he answered, manner is waiting for me outside


 Posted by: EDWIN ODOI


lydia | 9/25/2008 6:28:17 PM

that is cute.

Nana akua fosua | 2/2/2009 11:51:50 AM

another funny joke

enoch | 5/4/2009 4:25:06 PM

once upon a time,the cat and the mouse were great friends.they lived together,played together and ate the same food together.spider, the father of all animals,knew that a cat and a mouse could not be friends. he always warned mouse- ''watch out, mouse. watch out for cat's anger''. ''no danger'', mouse would say, ''no danger.'' one day cat and his friend mouse decided to prepare aprapransa-a special dish from roasted corn flour, palm soup with salted dried fish. cat was to steal the fish from the house of the farmer next door and also to get the corn.mouse was to go to the bush and collect ripe palmfruits.each agreed to do his job. soon they got it. cat was a good cook. cat was preparing it, mouse sat near the fire sniffing the soup. ''hmm it smells good,'' he said. ah hmm, mouse sniffed, i feel hungry. hurry cat. is it not cooked? cat tasted. prr,prr, prr. it is cooked. but too hot to eat,mouse brought his big calabash wait interrupted cat. we are not eating now. the food is too hot. let's go and visit our friend rat near the river.


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