Happy Fathers’ Day To All Fathers

All great women were first birthed by men
Many men have been as caring as the hen
Out of men, great nations have been born
Men are worthy to wear the Fathers’ Day gown

Today, we lift high fathers who never turned their back on children like wife of Lot
We appreciate men who stayed in spite of the rot
Such men who have stood by women for years
Those who even in nothingness have dried many tears.

To fathers who have doubled as mothers
Who wake to search for our good like hunters
Those who even in the absence of employment
Still sees to our growth and development .

To the men who have been broken-hearted for long
Yet have stood to do no other woman wrong
To the men whose women deserted because you had no money
You are those we are celebrating today as testimony.

To the fathers who have had unhappy marriage
And notwithstanding, have still gathered courage
To those whose marriages are like bitter bile
Regardless you still carry us a great mile.

To full fulfilling fathers, we give you appreciation
To fantastic fantasizing fathers we give you oration
To far fetched fabulous fathers we give you appellation
And to our faithful fanciful fascinating fathers we give you standing ovation.

To the fathers who are fathers by deeds not by gender
To the fathers who ensure that their homes are not put asunder
To you such fathers who have given us life
To you such capital “F” Fathers, I give you hi-five.


Author: Shadrack Oteng (poet-Shaddy)

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