Songs Of Bewilderment

O young politicians,
who begged for votes at midnight, 
gained power, and forgot our basic right. 
And now, with so many mansions, 
still telling us the same old stories.

O young Politicians,
referring to politics as a game, 
but can’t play it like Paul Kagame.
Politics made you “Honorable”.
Hence, you make men look feeble.

O young politicians, 
upon all this golden opportunity, 
you want us to cheer your mediocrity,
for holding state resources hostage. 
Wherefrom this silly courage?

O young politicians,
should we call the opticians? 
Maybe you can’t see people crying
Individual dreams are crawling
This isn’t time for relaxing

O young politicians,
reading this chorus.
Stop rendering us aimless
Rethink of becoming assertive
Then you can change the narrative

Poem by yours only,
✍️ Abdul Rahman Odoi
All rights reserved.©️2021

Author: Abdul Rahman Odoi

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