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Coronavirus: A Curse In Disguise Or The Price Of Negligence?

I - THE GLOBAL PAIN For some months now, the globe Has been quarantined in a coronavirus wardrobe As the entire eerie earth Is swallowed by this ill-health. Coronavirus has sadly turned the globe upside down Putting on the helpless world a pandemic gown, China, the birth place of the deadly disease Together with the whole wide world has known no peace The great scientists the world over have been experimenting While the merciless coronavirus keep tormenting Everything has come to a standstill As the world keep hunting for a lasting healing pill Man has become temporary enemy to his closest neighbour As towards coronavirus eradication we fruitlessly labour. Coronavirus has become our unwanted and uninvited guest Making our lives bad and worst Churches, schools and other institutions have been hit hard Businesses have collapsed as insecure men remain hapless with none to guard. The more we try to know, The more we realize we do not know The more we try to understand, The more we realize we have nothing on which to stand. The rate at which the virus spread with athletic speed, A perfect personification will be to describe it as being greed Men and women have been consumed by fear Numerous deaths have drawn seas of tears No nation has been left of the hook In some countries, coronavirus has imprisoned many, none to cook. I watched with worrying horror, the sporadic deaths in Italy And like a tired cock, I went to bed early My eyes rained coals of tears as I watched China Become like biblical Israelites on wilderness waiting for manna. The situation has become pathetic As coronavirus transitions from pandemic to epidemic. We have all become global hunters Hunting for non-existing answers As we continue searching for solution in the medical atlas, The question we must humbly ask is “what is the coronavirus telling us?” II - THE CASE OF GHANA Ghana is a country everyone fancy But many a time, we are seriously funny We are naturally people who talk more But quickly ran away when duties call. We have been a people with a common voice Until a monster called politics gave us its invoice We have been a nation so united for every reason Until the mushrooming of doctrines and interpretation of religion These twins, religion and politics have infested us with more viruses Than the global pandemic, coronavirus. I want you, cherished reader, to think a while And put the below question in your mental file. What would have happened in Ghana If we have not recorded a single coronavirus case as at now? Many men who have become Gods Would have attributed it to their source Isn’t it funny that some have claimed ownership For prophesying the coronavirus in such hardship? Some power drunk politicians would have attributed good administration As the reason for this eradication We would have claimed because we are Christian country And wouldn’t have given other religions any entry Some would have claimed it is their prayers Many would have taken the glory including soothsayers We would have vehemently ignored effective hand washing And resort to fasting and coronavirus cursing We would have ignored all security and health measures And nonchalantly continue with our pleasures. So the cases in Ghana has exposed our frailties And cornered us with life realities The coronavirus cases in Ghana is a wake-up call To put us on our toes so that Ghana will not fall. III - I THINK YOU ARE THINKING? The presence of coronavirus in Ghana should set us thinking That we will begin to do what is missing The arrival of the virus here should cause a change If we want to be on the G8 development page The time is now to be proactive Rather than always being reactive. Must we wait for coronavirus burden To teach us to observe societal hygiene? Must the coronavirus infection Be the emissary to tell us of our institutional congestion? Must we allow a vampire, coronavirus to perch On our national flag before we regulate the activities of churches? Must coronavirus be the one to set the rules That there are no proper health conditions in our schools? Do we need rocket science in our docket Before authorities supply schools veronica buckets? Must coronavirus be the chief regent To tell authorities that our schools need detergent? Must we beg coronavirus for pity When our markets are chocked and filty? Looking critically at our commercial vehicles, Do we need coronavirus to tell us many are pregnant with filty particles? Should coronavirus put us in societal prison Before we begin to think of having UG, KNUST, UCC, UEW,UMAT etc. in every region? Must coronavirus be the teacher to give us education That the time is ripe for us to control our importation? We have never been serious with issues about health So why won’t coronavirus force us to invest all our wealth? On God we each minute and hour lazily wait For even the basic human responsibilities, hence our sadistic fate As we continue to look unto God for His healing miracle, As Ghanaians, towards our duties, we must be responsible May God help us that the world and Ghana would not sink But may He equally help us to think. From a room alone with my pen Shadrack Oteng (0543970691) [email protected]

by Shadrack Oteng (poet-Shaddy)

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng (poet[-] Shaddy)

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