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The Plea Of The Graduate Nurse# Part 1

For four good years
The many hours behind the books
The clinical hours beside the beds
The numerous affiliation programs
Staying back during vacation holidays
Just to ensure a capable nurse is produced
Right from the start, we learnt to cope with stress

At least, we wanted to be blessed
By patients we help back on their feet
And those we lift from the wheel chairs
With the words they say each passing day
They say nursing is a calling
Does answering it in the university
Make it a wrong line
Or a missed call
Don't want to believe that
Trained into a profession; nursing
Yet seem rejected by the system
We didn't fail in taking a step
From gazetting to indexing
From clinicals to affiliations
From semester one to eight
Extra months for licensing exams
And the push to be on the NMC register
Just to be servers in this noble profession
So why this rejection
When we didn't fail a step

by Ernest Obeng

 Posted by: Ernest Obeng

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