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Hearts Desire

Only you set my heart afire and only you can make me feel like I am in heaven.
Only you can make me feel alive inside my mind and soul.
You take me to other deminsions each and every time we embrace or kiss.
You make me feel alive all over and make me feel happy, that we have one another.
You are my heart and soul and you know- that I love you so.
You are my only one hearts desire and you make me feel like I could fall in love,
with you again and again.
I feel brand new whenever you romance me and I know we are mean to be a couple..
so perfect and true to one another.
You are everything to me, I idolize you and I worship you.
I need not long for another man as you are all the man I could ever need, desire or want.
You make this ember in me glow so florescent and bright and you make the night stand still.
You are the man of my dreams and it seems you make me feel I could never leave your side.
I need not hide, my feelings for you, you are my dream come true and no man shall ever,
take your place or even come close to you, and no one can compair to you, and your manly lips,
caress my lips and I feel like you wore heaven sent and you are the angel of my dreams and none other,
will ever do but you my dear for you are my special love and my hearts desire.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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