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Dreaming of You

I lay here in my bed, all cozy and warm,
and I dream about you and I.
I want to cry, I am in such dispair, and you are neither here or there.

I know you are gone, and never to see you again.
You left this world happy and this I am thankful for.

You wore my only dreams' desire, you made me feel alive inside my soul.

I loved you so much and still do to this very day.
I will never love again even if it was someone that resembled you.

He would not be you, and only an outer shell would he be compaired to you.

I say my prayers and hope that someday if I make it to heaven, that I will see your smiling face again,

but for now..I will sit in my chair, and rock away and think of you each and every day.

I will shed those tears, and think to myself, ''I wished he wore here, beside me and holding me,

like the way he used to do.''
Those thoughts would linguer in my mind.
Thank you for loving me my special love.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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