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Your Loving Heart

Your hand caressed mine so gently and you knew all the right words to say.

Your soul was connected to mine and you loved me so.

I can recall yesterday when we wore holding hands as we walked along the beach.

You teached me to be ever so strong and we always seemed to get along.

You wore the best teacher, I ever knew.
You helped me to see myself as a beautiful creature, that I was to you and to many others.

You shown me the light and made everything seem wonderful and bright, and you egnited a flame deep inside,

0f me.,
You wore my Hero, you stuck by me through thick and thin.

You took me under your wings, you wore my best friend.

You are true God-send and I could never ask for anyone better, then you to be my dearest companion.

We shall always be as one, for you are the shining sun and I am your Princess, my special love, and you always make me feel-

like a matter what I say and do, you are always there for me, tis' true.

the end...

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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