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About Us -The Face Of Tiv Taraba

By citizen john akevi
About Us -The Face Of Tiv Taraba

Founded in September, 2023, by Mrs Lucy Iyo Temaji the Face of Tiv Taraba was established with the aim of celebrating the Tiv woman while appreciating the beauty, talent, skills and other unique attributes and goals she exhibits. We plan to achieve our goal through the Face of Tiv Taraba Pageant Event where contestants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their physical, cultural and intellectual attributes as we choose a goodwill ambassador who will represent Miss Tiv Pageant and Tiv nation as a whole on a positive limelight.

The Face of Tiv Taraba Pageant is also a humanitarian pageant providing a unique opportunity for these beauty queens to not just showcase their beauty to the world but also make a positive impact in their communities by supporting causes and platforms that they are passionate about.

The Face of Tiv Taraba Pageant provides a unique opportunity for females of Tiv heritage particularly in Taraba State who are between the ages of 18-28 and who dream of becoming a beauty queen with strong future goals and an interest in supporting communities and causes they are passionate about. The Face of Tiv Taraba beauty pageant competition displays the richness and cultural ethnic values of the Tiv Community, and makes a significant contribution to our society by providing the young ladies an unforgettable experience in a successful program which promotes them as productive individuals within their communities.

The contestants from across the Tiv clans will represent their kindred and local government while enhancing their native knowledge and promoting their cultural values; thus, creating a breed of leaders and goal oriented individuals. The contestants are provided with the opportunity to improve their social skills, improve confidence level, poise, communication skills, personality development, goal setting, career planning, health and fitness. They will also participate in cultural celebrations, parades & fashion shows throughout their pageant experience. The title is earned through hard work and dedication, demonstration of self-confidence, intelligence, beauty and elegance. For the participants, it’s not just about winning; it’s new found friendships and the experience that will last a lifetime!

We aim to develop the finest ambassadors who will become role models to other young women and also for the Tiv nation and Nigeria as a whole. In the long term, we hope to send our top winners to compete in other pageants around Nigeria and the world including the Miss Universe and Miss World competitions.