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God has saved me from something I can’t share — Actress breaks down in tears after ‘fight’ against Apostle Johnson Suleman

God has saved me from something I can’t share — Actress breaks down in tears after ‘fight’ against Apostle Johnson Suleman

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has sparked concern and sympathy on social media after posting an emotional video in which she breaks down in tears.

In the video shared on her Instagram page on June 5, Abubakar recounted a harrowing incident she recently endured, expressing profound gratitude to God for seeing her through the challenging times.

Visibly distressed, the actress shared her feelings with her fans, emphasising that her experience was too painful to divulge fully.

“What I have been through, only I can say it. I just want to use this opportunity to thank all those who have been there for me. Those ones that did not criticise or judge me because it can be anyone,” she said.

“What I have seen in my life is not something that I can share…I’m not here for a pity-party. I’m just here to say God is good, God has saved me…To those who have been there, I say God bless you and enrich you,” she noted amidst tears.

In April this year, Halima Abubakar was embroiled in a legal battle, slapped with a N10 million defamation suit by the Federal Court in Nigeria.

The lawsuit was filed by popular Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, who claimed that the actress made derogatory remarks against him.

The court ordered Abubakar to pay N10 million in damages to Apostle Suleman for defamatory comments made in 2022, and she was also required to publicly apologise for tarnishing his image.

The defamation case stemmed from accusations Abubakar made on her Instagram channel, where she labelled the cleric as a ‘womaniser’ and ‘diabolic man’, among other derogatory terms.

After two years of legal proceedings, the court's ruling demanded both financial compensation and a public apology from the actress.

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