20.04.2020 Press Release

Call For President Bio To Declare Mational Day Of Prayer And Fasting To Combat The Corona Virus Pandemic

By People's Democratic League
Call For President Bio To Declare Mational Day Of Prayer And Fasting To Combat The Corona Virus Pandemic
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The People’s Democratic League (PDL) wants to thank all its members, supporters and sympathizers across Sierra Leone and the diaspora for yielding to the Party’s call for observance of three days of prayer and fasting, which ended on Sunday 19th April, 2020. The purpose as said before was to complement government’s efforts aimed at combating the Corona virus pandemic in Sierra Leone. We thank you all also for your kind words and thoughts for our country, Sierra Leone.

Building a prayer circle seems to be an important weapon in the fight against the spread of the corona virus in Sierra Leone. Our patriotic zeal to join the fight against this evil pandemic through prayer and fasting will no doubt yield stated goal.

We want to do more, even going house to house to sensitise family members how they can contribute to help prevent the spread of the pandemic in Sierra Leone, but this has been hampered by the brutal injustice and naked robbery by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), of our constitutional rights and democratic freedom to register and belong to a political party of our choice. We believe the government of Sierra Leone has limited resources and that it, alone cannot fight and defeat COVID-19. What is needed is the participation of all Sierra Leoneans, regardless region, religion, tribe or political party colour to join the fight and kick COVID-19 out of Sierra Leone.

It is on this note that the People’s Democratic League (PDL) is calling upon President Julius Maada Bio to declare a national/days of prayer and fasting to seek God’s mercy, guidance and protection in response to the corona virus pandemic, encouraging citizens to call on God to unchain Sierra Leone from the shackles of this evil called Corona virus pandemic, as soon as possible.

The reality is that Sierra Leone is in a crisis following the spread of the corona pandemic that is affecting whole peoples, whole countries and whole regions of the world. It affects institutions everywhere on the globe. The Corona virus pandemic has not chosen which Sierra Leoneans to target but its targets on all Sierra Leoneans. We encourage the President to create a tradition of calling on God whenever we have national crisis.

No to corona virus pandemic!
Samuel Musa Kalokoh
National Secretary for National Administration
People’s Democratic League

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