15.04.2020 Feature Article

How To Overcome Coronavirus Fears

How To Overcome Coronavirus Fears
LISTEN APR 15, 2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought fears to people all over the world. This fear has taken an emotional toll especially on people who are aged and for those who are already living with anxiety disorders.

Of course it is a new virus, which means that no one has immunity, and there is no vaccine.

It is called novel because scientists are not yet sure as to how it behaves since they have little history to tackle it.

The world health organization (WHO) has even labelled it as a pandemic.

Stock market is going down and many financial experts are predicting this could lead to a global depression .

Another concern is also about the preventive measures taken; which is somewhat unprecedented in modern history.

Schools are closing, sports teams aren’t playing, vacations are cancelled, religious and other social gatherings banned, funerals and other family gatherings rescheduled and the practice of social distancing.

All these are somewhat unprecedented in our modern history.

Of course, it is humanly natural for people to feel frightened , be afraid or anxious.

But the good news is that, there is hope.

Click here and take a look at the 15 unique ways of dealing with coronavirus fears.

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