04.08.2020 Feature Article

Are You Still Sleeping?

Are You Still Sleeping?
04.08.2020 LISTEN

For us as educators, March 2020 will forever be known as the month when almost all the world’s schools shut their doors.

On March 1, six governments instituted nationwide school closures due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic and by the end of the month, 185 countries had closed, affecting 90 percent of the world’s students.

The speed of these closures and the rapid move to distance learning has allowed little time for planning or reflection on both the potential risks to safeguard against and the potential opportunities to leverage.

Indeed we are experiencing a great change in our world.

COVID – 19 has forced us all to break out of our comfort zone.

Many schools have started experimenting with Zoom, Google classrooms, and the likes.

Of course, lots of kids are still adjusting to this new trend.

Recently many top universities have gone online and other traditional tutoring companies are also doing same.

Now whenever anything new comes into being, it comes with new challenges and new opportunities for transformation.


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