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29.03.2020 Feature Article

Know the Prophet who Correctly Prophesised the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Years Back

Know the Prophet who Correctly Prophesised the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Years Back
LISTEN MAR 29, 2020

The attention of the world is today drawn to knowing the power of God Almighty and to confirm that although many are the false pastors and prophets leading many astray, there are a few, and I emphasise, a few, genuine pastors and prophets out there in the world. While in my motherland Ghana most of the pastors and prophets are pure charlatans deceiving their congregations with concocted miracles to swindle them of their money, properties and underestimating their intelligence, in Zimbabwe, there is a man of God, a Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, who nearly-accurately, if not accurately, predicted the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) many years ago.

Unlike my fellow Ghanaian pastors and prophets who only predict deaths of celebrities, occurrences of lorry accidents, which political party will win an impending general election coupled with their mischievously or collusively arranged performance of miracles, he predicts what God reveals to him.

Will our Ghanaian pastors and prophets the world over that have cultivated the fondness for false prophecies and teachings tailored along duping their hearers and congregations cease from today forward to emulate the now acknowledged Prophet of God who prophesies with precision?

God through genuine pastors and prophets and medical doctors and scientists will heal humanity and the world of this deadly Covid-19 if only we will adhere to His instructions and the advisory instructions given by governments and medical experts/doctors.

Fellow Ghanaians, please don’t let us follow our criminal money-loving pastors and prophets but those who are true men of God. By their actions, we can tell the genuine ones from the false ones.

May God please heal the world of lethal Covid-19 to bring calm unto humanity? Amen.

Peace of God be unto you.
Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 29 March 2020

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