John Dramani Mahama is not an alternative….

Feature Article John Dramani Mahama is not an alternative.

In the nation’s search for a successor president to President Nana Akufo-Addo come the December 7, 2024, general elections, I am afraid the NDC flagbearer-cum-presidential-candidate, Mr John Dramani Mahama, is not the credible alternative. He is overflowing with visionless and lies. He is inextricably infatuated with absurd injurious criticisms of his political opponents but hardly offers any alternative solutions to all that he criticises them of.

He is in pursuit of power for his selfish gratifications but not for any collective interests of the nation, thus, Ghanaians. However, many a politically non-savvy Ghanaian is clamouring for his comeback.

Is Mr John Dramani Mahama not on record for saying he will not promise Ghanaians anything but will do what he could when voted the president of Ghana in December 2024?

According to him, President Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP government and party have messed the economy so badly that there is not much hope for its resuscitation for many years to come?

Does what he has said to the face of Ghanaians not tell volume to any sensible person that the man is only coming back to power to plunder the nation, without anyone able to accuse him of failures when he does nothing for the country and the people?

Will he not blame all his chronic failures and inefficiencies on the NPP government, saying the NPP messed up the economy to the point of no recovery hence no one should hold him accountable for his non-achievements?

Fellow Ghanaians, please be guided that Mr John Dramani Mahama, an evaluated political paperweight as he is by his actions and pronouncements, does not come anywhere near his political opponent Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia on policies able to put Ghana on the radar of socio-economic development.

Dr Alhaji Bawumia is light years far ahead of Mr John Mahama, the self-asserted sufferer of dead goat syndrome when it comes to, he who possesses honest ideas, policies, and implementable social intervention programmes to solving the numerous economic challenges faced by the country.

It will be a disaster for the nation should the electorates vote to bring John Mahama back to the presidency, an office he had once held but disastrously managed.

Ghanaians, please don’t be carried away by his promise of introduction of a 24-hour economy in Ghana, a policy he does not actually understand himself hence cannot cogently explain when questioned about it.

Does his suggestion of providing interested Ghanaians going into poultry farming a few chickens and hen/chicken coops a sensible creation of a 24-hour economy? Does his suggestion to provide streetlights in areas on the roadside where people sell bread to commuters a credible component of a 24-hour economy?

No wonder that Rockson Adofo, the son of Kumawu/Asiampa, sees him as shallow on governance and completely devoid of ideas and solutions to solving Ghana’s economic problems.

Both President Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Alhaji Bawumia are multifaceted and 100 times much better than NDC presidential candidate John Mahama when it comes to running a country for the collective interests of all.

Evidentially, the NPP may be as corrupt as the NDC, however, they are much better when it comes to implementing policies of far-reaching collective benefits to the nation.

More writeups to follow so please stay tuned.

Rockson Adofo