29.03.2020 Poem

We Are Covered Not COVID

By Nana Adarkwa
We Are Covered Not COVID
LISTEN MAR 29, 2020

The world is filled with many sad faces,
Because of daily “COVID 19” cases.
A global pandemic dangerous than the racists,
And causing pain more than the rapists.

Pain that never fades away,
Deaths that come in a harsh way.
The virus has had its chilling sway,
Tormenting Lives in a heartless way.

Formerly, you see a brother and show respect,
Now, you see someone and begin to suspect.
But hey COVID 19, it's time to introspect
And treat Life with some respect.

You don't care who's dark or fair,
The way you're taking thousands from the living is unfair.
You've given us a test from this lesson and it has come to bare;
That we need to collaborate and care.
Time to burry Race, Color, Pride but begin to Share.

Interestingly, the superpower and underpower need the same cure,
This means COVID 19 is no respecter of person for sure.
At this moment, we strength to endure,
Stay home, practice distancing and stay pure.

Dear World, we need to keep this virus restrained.
Cos the pandemic makes life so constrained.
Let's stick to the preventive measures to be contained.
Else, we will be drowned.

We're in serious times and it's forcing us to retaliate.
With agents of health specialists to collaborate.
Let's fight stronger in order not to be death's next candidate,
As a Wordsmith, the awareness campaign will I propagate.

I know this will one day be history, a memory distant,
As we all seek to win in a manner that's instant.
We'll rise again like the Phoenix and it's constant.
The world needs us to survive especially the infants.

See, ideas are not in one head,
So I deeply agree with Bob Moorehead
Cos in his 'Paradox of our time in History', he said;
“We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul.
These are the times of fancier houses, but broken homes.
We have pills that do everything, from cheer, to quiet, to kill”.
Honestly, there're countries with money but not the cure.

Eventually, as we practice the safety measures
Let's pray to God not the smaller gods,
Individually visit the Church and the Mosque,
Because this seems more like a Paradox,
Cos our mere efforts look like we're opening the Pandora's Box.

When I ponder, we just need to be safer, stronger, kinder, and more kinder.
God is our Healer. (Isaiah 53:5)

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