18.03.2020 Feature Article

Until Further Notice

Until Further Notice
18.03.2020 LISTEN

This is no ordinary time, due to the deadly covid-19 outbreak, all governments have imposed draconian measures in their country until further notice.

The whole world has gone mad until further notice!

Our government has also ordered public gatherings to be postponed until further notice. These measures are going to make our life more difficult but safety of the citizens is the top priority.

The best of best hospitals in the world have been rendered useless by the virus until further notice. This is no ordinary time!

Power, fame and riches never yet inoculated anyone against the caprice of the virus, and I do not for a moment suppose that the rich are safer than the poor in this trying times. They cannot travel anywhere in the world for better protection or treatment of the virus should they contract it. 'Wo sika y3 small boy to the virus'.

ECG, until further notice will be offering citizens free 'dumsor' and heat in our homes in order to say thank you until further notice.

Students are going home until further notice. Upon the closure, they've gathered on social media tweeting memes until further notice.

Schools and churches have been closed until further notice, but until the Government enacts a curfew from 9 PM to 5 AM, night clubs can operate until further notice.

Until we read this from bar owners; 'Our Bar is closed until further notice', then social gathering goes on until further notice.

I'm gutted that all church services have closed their doors until further notice. It leaves a big void in young people's lives and we should be worried about how they will spend their time and who with. But don't we have the greatest worry about the spread of covid-19? This is where reasoning and understanding defeat our over-religious mind! Until further notice.

Life is postponed indefinitely until further notice. And that's not even a joke. How crazy is that? But this is happening.

I know most of us have never experienced anything like this but I am completely confused how to feel or what to do. Should we just quarantine ourselves in general and postpone real life until further notice? Do we put our lives on pause until further notice? Is that the right thing to do in all cases? I do not even know what to do with my hands until further notice. No one can innocently clear their throat again in bus until further notice.

Happy covid-19 seasons, schools and some jobs are closed until further notice. Some people are officially unemployed until further notice. Because of Coronavirus, they are working at 'self-quarantine'.

Until further notice, passengers should bring liquid hand sanitizers in their carry-on bags. These precious gold which used to sell at GHc 10 are now on sale at Gh150 until further notice. Some traders are proving more deadly than the covid-19 until further notice. Y’all know what? Covid-19 ain't that bad, sales empathy is postponed until further notice, and hand washing mood has been activated until further notice. Intimacy has also been placed on hold until further notice. So no more touching romantically. 'Babe Come and visit me' messages are suspended until further notice.

All employees will be required to bring their own toilet paper until further notice. Do not go to the washroom and touch the tissue until further notice!

Sad but we believe the right decision for all. There will be sunny days again. This is no ordinary time so until further notice, stay safe.

The writer is a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Accounting and Finance, KNUST School of Business.

Isaac Bawuah

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