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Coronavirus: Information Minister Warns Hand Sanitiser Sellers Over Unreasonable Prices

Coronavirus: Information Minister Warns Hand Sanitiser Sellers Over Unreasonable Prices
LISTEN MAR 18, 2020

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah is asking wholesalers and retailers of hygiene products used to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus to stop engaging in profiteering.

After Ghana confirmed cases of the pandemic, hand sanitizers, and other essentials have been recommended by authorities to help protect one from contracting the disease.

But such hygiene products are being sold at exorbitant prices at various shops and pharmacies.

This has sparked various conversations with people sharing their sentiments on how the prices of the products have been increased and how they are unable to purchase them.

Addressing the issue, Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah cautioned that the season does not warrant such practices.

“We will also like to appeal to people who sell various products that can help in this course. This is not the time to be unduly profiteering with your products and services. Like the president said, these are not ordinary times, these are the times that we have to come together as human beings and ensure that we do things that assure the survival of each and every one of us. So that's the appeal that we put out there.”

Sanitizers and its related issues

Some supermarkets and shops in Ghana have begun selling hand sanitizers at outrageous prices following the announcement of some confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the country.

With education around coronavirus in the country gaining momentum, citizens are advised to follow good personal hygiene rules including washing of hands and the use of sanitizers as and when necessary.

In Ghana, some shops have increased the prices of hand sanitizers by an astronomical margin of almost a hundred percent to a thousand percent (100% – 1000%) and over.

For instance, hand sanitizers that were sold previously at about GH¢3.50 are now sold at GH¢15 or event GH¢20.

These increases are due to the excess demand from consumers for the product for which producers have outrageously increased the prices for more profit.

Persons living with disability bemoan inflated prices

The National Council of Persons with Disabilities had earlier bemoaned the inflation of the prices of hand sanitizers.

According to them, the poor and disabled are worse affected by the situation.

Chairman of the Council, Yaw Debrah in a Citi News interview called on the government to intervene immediately before the unexpected happens to the vulnerable.

“Some of our friends who are even earning their livelihood under trees and car packs, how are they going to earn a living to the extent that they will even get extra income to buy sanitizers? It seems the government will have to work with organizations of persons living with disabilities to reach out to our members or persons with disabilities across the country and also appeal to corporate Ghana.”



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