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30.12.2019 Feature Article

'Sada Airways' Returns Home - Does it really exist?

'Sada Airways' Returns Home - Does it really exist?
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Not everything that has name exist.

And not everything that has wings can fly in higher aptitude. But 'SADA,' your household name is flying back home.

Nostalgic feeling and unfavourable weather conditions in neighbouring Burkina Faso have spurred the home-coming.

Once upon a time it's chronicled in the scriptures (OT), Moses saw Cannan but he never set foot in the Promised Land.

Did the writer/poet also see Cannan?

I saw the falcon, I saw the eagle soar to the sky and I heard the cockerel. But SADA snuck my camera's eye.

Led by a broken-winged bird they would fly away in columns like seagulls to a destination they'd no idea. They'd no idea of their home and no idea of their souls.


It could be a slow-go Odessey if you go by bus, but it could be worse if one dares choose 'Trotro.' Why? There's insane traffic bleeding all the way from Avenor to Sodom.

Apart from that Odaw River has crested.

Her banks littered with dirt and scraps.

Her bed turned upside down.

Anyway, don't fret, it isn't Armageddon yet.

Why did they fly away?

Birds fly away (travel) for reason(s) so as humans. For the feathered ones such journeys could be unsettling or disconcerting whether it's by their own volition or necessitated by other circumstances.

Does SADA Airways exist?

To the best of my knowledge, there's no such airline that flies in our airspace. Maybe it does exist on Mars. So why are we talking about it now? Just so you know. And just so the next generation, or the next government or the next political animals don't fly our defunct DC9/10 to Togo.

In apropos don't be fooled and don't forget you're in Africa, Ghana to be precise. A lovely country, beautiful people, good food and good stuff. They've great sense of humour.

Remember the famous Robert Mugabe funny sayings? They made them all up.

Yes, 'SADA Airways' is coming back home.

But please don't ask me when. Rather, expend your energy and time on the HOW, because the pranksters have upped their modus operandi.

How did they fly away from the shores of Ghana some few years ago to neighbouring Burkina Faso?

That remains a mystery. Nobody saw them leave but everybody says they went to Burkina. They left surreptitiously like by one, in pairs and in droves, I was told.

When Flight# M1957GH took off at the Tamale airport it mistakenly landed in Guinea Conakry. Or was it Guinea Bissau? I'm told it's the former. And not long afterwards, she (SADA)made it to Ougadougu airport but its surreal arrival was greeted with perplexity.

Who was the pilot?

Where did they come from?

Why Burkina Faso?

It's believed, while in Guinea, the Guinean President fouled SADA for making an unannounced landing at their airport.

And it was there that all the passengers earned the name Guinea Fowls. Now you know where we're heading to, if so why worry?

Stay glued to your seats. Don't unbuckle your seatbelt yet. And you're also warned not to fall prey to the 'SADA Airways' prank---like what the church in Zimbabwe did a couple of years ago. They'd been sold visas to Heaven by the head pastor. How could they be wrong?

First to go to Heaven by flight 'abi'.

But obviously not the first to be fooled and double-fooled.

Again, be mindful, because those that crafted the SADA Airways logo that's trending on social media today would launch a visa-free campaign to Europe or America) tomorrow. Finally don't kill your curiosity fire, let it burn. It's always good to set the antennae high in order to capture a good signal.

Of course, SADA's story is perhaps dead in terms of news worthiness. But I couldn't resist its human interest angle. The comic relief. Indeed, it seemed I'd been put on stitches when I saw the images a few days ago on WhatsApp.

You still seem confused Komfo, why?

Common you know SADA very well. It's an acronym- Savannah Accelerated Development Authority. It was former President Mahama's signature project. The agency was charged with the responsibility for coordinating a comprehensive development agenda for the several ecological zones comprising the former three northern regions including Volta and Brong Ahafo regions.The necessity to focus on the development of the northern part of Ghana was critical, hence the creation of SADA.

But it's understood that the biggest wastage of that project was the sinking of GHc48 million into the Guinea fowl rearing and Tree planting.

By the end of Mahama's presidency, the majority of the winged--birds could not be accounted for. However, rumour swirled that, they (the birds) made a pilgrimage to Burkina Faso. And after years of sojourning in the landlocked nation, SADA is said to be coming back home with the multitude.

In July 2016 Anthony Karbo NPP stalwart said: ' SADA is Mahama's shame legacy."

He added: “It is instructive to note that in all his rounds in the five (5) SADA regions during the just ended Accounting to the People Tour, no mention was ever made of SADA, its supposed legacy as of now and what the future holds for it. The pressing question is why the President seems to have totally abandoned this Pet Project of his and why he is no longer bold to even name it and account to the Northern people on how ‘well’ they have managed SADA and bridged the gap between the North and South as they originally promised."

So now that you know:

Would you go by SADA Airways or by Trotro?