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25.11.2019 Technology

KNUST SRC President Encourage Students To Develop Campus-Based Ride-Sharing App

By John Essien
KNUST SRC President Encourage Students To Develop Campus-Based Ride-Sharing App

The KNUST SRC president, Adu Baah Charles (ABC) is considering introducing a KNUST-Campus-Base peer-to-peer ridesharing app.

The move, according to Master Adu Baah Charles, will enable students who own private cars on campus to sign up and make business.

This he believes will augment the recently introduced SRC work and study program.

The president has thrown a challenge to some 200 students who are currently enrolled in the newly introduced "Technology Challenge Initiative'' by the SRC.

The students have up to 31st December 2019 to design a peer-to-peer ridesharing app that will only operate within the KNUST campus for students.

Explaining the concept of the initiative to Focus FM's John Essien, Adu Baah Charles indicated that the application when successfully designed will avert the possible increase in insecurity associated with the public Uber and Bolt Services on campus.

"I am burnt on averting the situation when our own students would be robbed by some of these commercial Uber and Bolt drivers on campus. The security of the students is what we are considering. I believe that this will ensure maximum security and also help students with cars make some money on campus as they go about their academic duties," he said.

ABOUT KNUST SRC Technology Challenge
In their bid to contribute towards adapting to the impacts of climate change, and seeking to promote innovation in

technology, the KNUST SRC has introduced a technology challenge where through ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI), students come up with ways of adaptation in the fields of agriculture, oil, and gas, engineering, among others.

The SRC Technology Challenge was launched a few days ago to empower and build students with technological problem-solving skills.

According to ABC, the program essentially seeks to get students who can identify problems within the society and design Artificial Intelligence to solve the problems.

The program has been scheduled to last for four weeks and will include a basic training session every weekend.

Program Outline
1. The selected 200 students will be grouped into various teams to exhibit how they can use their Artificial Intelligence to solve various problems identified within the society

2. A group’s progress in the challenge will be based on the authenticity of what a group presents and also the votes of judges.

3. Judges will comprise of people with technical and business minds. Such that ideas initiated by a group will be business-friendly and attainable within the environment to attract investors.

4. The best ten teams will be selected for an 8-week incubation period to brief them on how viable in terms of business their product is worth.

5. Afterwards an opportunity will be given to do a presentation on various platforms to invite as well as attract interested investors who are willing to invest in those initiatives.

6. The SRC will seek support through high technology companies like Amazon and Microsoft to mitigate obstacles in the process. That is certain aspects of the challenge will be held on a cloud at instances where some ideas demand high technology requirements which might be above the capacity of team members.