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Despite its negative effects, Akufo-Addo cannot fight corruption using NDC founders cruel approach

Despite its negative effects, Akufo-Addo cannot fight corruption using NDC founders cruel approach
LISTEN SEP 13, 2019

Even though we share in the well-meaning Ghanaians apprehension over the seeming lack of prosecutions in the alleged bribery and corruption cases, we can only invoke our instinct for tact and diplomacy while we wait patiently for the institutions that have the mandate to investigate and prosecute corruption suspects to do so democratically.

Notwithstanding the corrosive effects of corruption, it would be unthinkable for anybody to suggest that corruption can be circumscribed completely from the surface of this planet, let alone in Ghana.

Corruption is, indeed, a human foible, and therefore we are likely to find some people disgustingly indulging in it.

While it is not so easy to stop other criminals from committing heinous crimes, it is also difficult for any leader to stop ravenous individuals from indulging in corrupt practices.

However, what any serious, committed and forward thinking leader could do is to seek to apply the existing laws as strictly as possible.

It is, therefore, worthy of note that exposure, prevention and deterrence are the useful tools for combating the canker of corruption.

You may believe it or not, the fact remains that Ghanaians are not distant apart in attitudes and behaviours from other human beings elsewhere, because we are all susceptible to human foibles.

But what makes the people elsewhere much more responsible than a Ghanaian is the rigidity of their state institutions and the effective laws and regulations.

Take, for example, elsewhere, the laws and regulations are strictly enforced, and as such the vast majority of the citizens and denizens prefer the observance to the stringent fines and the harsh punishments.

Disappointingly, however, during the erstwhile NDC administration, officials and their minions dipped their hands into the national coffers as if there was no tomorrow and went scot free.

In fact, the unbridled corruption in the erstwhile NDC administration which resulted in economic collapse is still fresh in the memories of discerning Ghanaians, and no real patriot will shrill and thrill over similar incident in the NPP government.

Apparently, the harsh economic conditions which the NDC government wilfully imposed on Ghanaians as a result of corruption will indeed take a long time to obliterate from memories.

Notwithstanding the criticisms, the creation of the Office of the Special Prosecutor is a civilised approach in combating the canker of corruption that has slackened our development thus far.

Ghana’s democracy is indeed heading towards the right direction. Despotism has given way to the rule of law. How wonderful?

The story was told, albeit vividly, that in their hasty attempts to lustrate the country of the perceived maliciousness and injustices, the Founders of NDC carried out what they termed “house cleaning exercise”,--they dealt with perceived offenders arbitrarily (instant justice).

The mutinous coup makers, in their conniption-fit mood, proceeded with their intentions and callously exterminated suspects, including eight prominent army officers, whom they wrongly accused of committing sleazes and corruption without fair hearing.

Regrettably, however, if we compared the alleged corrupt practices of the murdered army officers and the other civilians with the sleazes and corruption that have taken place in the successive NDC administrations, we cannot help but to maintain that the Generals and the other innocent Ghanaians were “murdered for less”.

Ironically, former President Rawlings admitted in his previous June 4 address that after all the violent approach did not curb the sleazes and corruption.

Former President Rawlings was heard lamenting plangently: “The principles of June 4 are not alien or has never been alien to mankind. They are no different from the most basic religious or human values. Probity, accountability and social justice would on any day liberate the overwhelming majority of our people from the bondage or difficulties they find themselves in.

“The fight against corruption, greed and avarice has however been at great cost. Noble soldiers have died; noble civilians have died for it and so many of the noble ones have suffered and continue to suffer all kinds of indignities for their principles and convictions.

“I want to remind people that we could not have possibly forgotten that Generals were executed. The greed, corruption and injustice of today is a thousand times more than what these Generals were executed for, and if we are unable to restore a firm measure of integrity into our dealings, then the blood of many would have been shed in vain.”

We should, however, remind ourselves that in their desperate attempts to halt corruption, the NDC Founders unjustifiably murdered people with more than two cars. And how many cars do they own now?

More so many Ghanaians were unjustifiably murdered or tortured mercilessly for apparent infinitesimal offences.

Market women were regrettably stripped naked in the public and whipped for allegedly hauling their products or selling on high prices. While their male counterparts were wickedly shaved with broken bottles and whipped for offences that would not even warrant a Police caution in a civilized society.

Besides, the founders of the NDC unabashedly exhibited their communist ideals by going into war with business men and women in the country.

The founders of NDC, regrettably, tortured and murdered innocent business men and women, many of whom were bizarrely accused of legally borrowing meagre sums of money from banks to support their businesses.

Some innocent business men and women, so to speak, were abhorrently humiliated and their businesses were either seized or destroyed by the despotic NDC founders.

Strangely, albeit veracious, the so-called revolutionaries who repugnantly collapsed innocent peoples businesses now own business outlets all over the place. How deceitful?

The human rights violations were so rampant to the extent that many citizens seized the slightest opportunity and left the country.

What incensed some of us so much is that despite their much touted mantra of transparency, probity and accountability, we have been witnessing so much scheming guiles, sleazes and corruptions in the successive NDC administrations. Who are they trying to deceive?

K. Badu, UK.

[email protected]

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