Asiedu Nketia, concerned Ghanaians want to know: Do you know how Mills died??

Feature Article Asiedu Nketia, concerned Ghanaians want to know: Do you know how Mills died??

I read, albeit with an extreme incredulity, the National Chairman of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu-Nketia’s seemingly isolated thinker’s assertion that three former NPP Members of Parliament were murdered, presumably, for political gains(see: 3 MPs were killed; all we hear is their wives replaced them in parliament, is that democracy? – Asiedu Nketia,, 11/04/2024).

“The Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has raised concerns about the lack of progress in solving the murders of some Members of Parliament belonging to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).”

Asiedu-Nketia, to be quite honest, is right to some extent in demanding justice for the alleged murdered MPs. But then again, the all-important question we should be asking is: Why is he seeking justice for only the deceased NPP politicians?

Whilst some of us do not want to acquiesce to the widely held notion that politics in general is a dirty game, one would not be far from right for suggesting that the political terrain is full of inveterate propagandists and manipulating hypocrites.

To be quite honest, Asiedu Nketia, being a bona fide citizen of Ghana, has every right to shriek, speak, and highlight any injustices.

It is, however, quite intriguing that despite showing concerns about lack of investigations into the death of some prominent Ghanaians, Asiedu Nketia has decided not to ask questions about the sudden and the mysterious death of our distinguished late President Mills.

Mr Asiedu Nketia, although it seems extremely dreary and unfortunate to keep visiting the sudden and bizarre death of our beloved late President Mills, don’t you think it benefits no one when we all keep quiet over the mysterious death?

As you are rightly demanding answers about the death of some public figures, Mr Asiedu Nketia , wouldn’t it also be a worthwhile if the good people of Ghana knew what actually happened to former President Mills on that fateful day?

Well, Mr Asiedu Nketia, much as our beloved president’s demise was so bizarre and painful, we can only invoke our instinct for tact and diplomacy and keep empathising with the late Mills family for their never ending pain over the unfortunate death, while we venture endlessly to pin together the apparent straddled jigsaw.

So Mr Asiedu Nketia, my first suggestion therefore is, please kindly direct the powers that be to investigate the inexplicable passing of our beloved President Mills.

It would be recalled that sometime in 2016, the then PPP flagbearer, Papa Kwesi Nduom revealed that some of the NDC people themselves thanked God that Mills died. He posed: “is that not strange?”

It appeared back then that the 2016 PPP flagbearer had a valid reason to blame the NDC apparatchiks for the late Mills untimely demise.

Take, for example, speaking to GHONE’s Nana Aba Anamoah in an exclusive interview a few years ago, the founder of NDC, the late J. J. Rawlings said the NDC was in a terrible state under the late Mills.

He lamented: “If God hadn’t invited him, and I am saying it again; NDC would have been in opposition in 2012”.

“It was terrible, the climate was really bad for us; we all knew about it, we were just keeping quiet”. “It was his departure that gave NDC a saving grace,” he stated.

Let us be honest, any reflective thinker like Papa Kwesi Nduom would no doubt draw an adverse inference from the NDC founder’s claims that the NDC faithful were happy to see the late Mills go.

More so, if we engage in deductive reasoning on former President Rawlings’s apparent chilling revelations, the inference we could draw is that the NDC apparatchiks were happy over the late mills death.

For if anything at all, former President Rawlings impertinently asserted that all the NDC apparatchiks were extremely worried over the late Mills fitness and did not have any hope whatsoever on his chances of securing a second term in office.

“In the view of former President John Rawlings, the NDC would have been languishing in opposition if the professor had not died”.

Would Mr Asiedu Nketia also be kind enough and tell Ghanaians if the politicians who benefited from the death of President Mills had a hand in his demise?

K. Badu, UK.
[email protected]