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List Of 10 African Innovations For May 2019

List Of 10 African Innovations For May 2019
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Almost every single day there’s an innovator/innovation or an inventor/invention coming out of Africa. Within the many African creators/creations in existence, there are some worth highlighting and shedding light on. The following are 10 of them that were written and spoken about for May 2019. Enjoy African innovations at their finest!


Go! is a motorcycle hailing app that recently launched in Mogadishu. This transportation platform was founded in Somalia. Their startup is helping to provide a safe, cost effective, and convenient transportation solution to locals.

RideSafe is motorcycle insurance service provider via blockchain technology. This transportation service was founded in Kenya. Their insurance is helping local drivers to have access to quick and affordable medical care in the event of an accident.

Honeyflow Africa is a beehive app that monitors activities of hives remotely. This mobile platform was founded in Nigeria. Their technology application will help to boost Nigeria’s honey production for the beekeeper communities.

Chipper Cash is a borderless mobile money payment platform that enables people in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda to send and receive funds to each other without any fees. This payment service was founded in San Francisco, CA by a Ghanaian and Ugandan collectively. Their payment gateway is helping people in various African countries to do financial transactions with each other for free.

Uganics is a social enterprise that produces and sells mosquito repellent soaps. This healthcare product was founded in Uganda. Their kind of soap is helping to prevent malaria in their region, especially for mothers with kids below the age of 5 living in rural areas.

Fundis is a peer-to-peer online platform that connects local consumers with craftsman. This digital platform was founded in Kenya. Their online service is helping locals to find vetted and reliable craftsmanship service providers seamlessly.

Digital Health Access is a health education and consultation platform that connects consumers with healthcare professionals and service providers. This mobile app was founded in Uganda. Their health technology is helping patients to find on-demand medical services and experts.

Frikmat is a business-to-businesses e-commerce platform that allows businesses to trade with each other. This online marketplace was founded in Ghana. Their trade platform will help businesses to exchange products and services among themselves and access other opportunities in different countries and regions, especially within Continental Africa aka intra-African trade.

Soltech is creating and selling school backpacks, lifestyle bags, outdoor umbrellas, and armbands with solar power features. This innovative business was founded in South Africa. Their kind of accessories are helping to bridge the gap between solar technology and user-friendly consumer products.

Fashion Map is a mobile app that connects local consumers with tailors, fashion designers, and clothing brands. This digital platform was founded in Nigeria. Their online service is helping locals to find artisans for essential clothing items, especially for special occasions and so on.

Well, those were the African innovations for May 2019! June is coming soon… #AfricanInnovators!