New Diary by Ghanaian American Author & Entrepreneur

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APR 17, 2020 LISTEN

“Diary of a Ghanaian Diaspora Entrepreneur: Progress Revolving Around African Business Innovations “

is the title of the new book by Ghanaian American author & entrepreneur, Tony Kwame Ansah, Jr. This is a short and real-life diary about an author’s and entrepreneur’s past and present experiences with his business endeavors as a first-generation American of Ghanaian descent. Book was published (eBook & paperback) through Kindle Direct Publishing of Amazon on April 11, 2020.

In the Diary, Tony shares in detail his personal story throughout this journey of self-publishing books and social entrepreneurship. Here is an exclusive excerpt (audio below) of his last 400 plus words of pure & organic emotions:


“Greetings to all of you reading this last part of my short diary. This is it folks. There is a saying that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Everything eventually comes around and goes around. Anyway, I really do not know where these words are going to lead us. I just know it will be from a very personal, emotional, and spiritual place. Somewhere deep inside the abyss of my heart and soul. I have been holding onto my pride and guilt for so long. Yes, I have some serious regrets to address between God and me. These past three years have been rough for me, but I remain tough daily. I sometimes wonder how I got to where I am today. I once was an All-Star team player like my favorite athlete, Scottie Pippen. But somehow took a risk to join a fairytale of falsehood. Primary lesson learned was to never miscalculate my steps ahead. A miscalculation costed me an arm and a leg figuratively. I take 100% full responsibility for my actions and inactions. I have been hustling ever since to get out of the debt that I owe to my family legacy. If they only knew how bad I wanted and still desire to live a life completely free financially, they would tap into my potential like it is their last breath. Financial independence was what I have tried to seek in my mind all these three unforgettable years. Although I wish it was all so simple and could disappear like stolen goods, I am a much better person. I have learned to be very resourceful and develop critical skills for survival. I now possess more knowledge, expertise, and experience because my subpar choices forced me to find solutions faster than the speed of light. My mind has been running a hundred miles per minute just to get to the finish line of ultimate success. Therefore, watch the ground of potholes that I walk on very closely. I guess that is why I have found and continue to find myself juggling multiple glass cups half full and half empty simultaneously. I am in love with doing collaborative dance parties, especially for the empowerment of my African community. I claim total ownership of these words, of my past, of my present, and of my future, whether it be business and/or pleasure. Five years from the release of this book I should be a best-selling author and a top tier entrepreneur. Please mark down my words and knock on wood for me too. Thank you for being a passenger on the never-ending story. Saga continues until further notice…”



Tony K Ansah, Jr., M.P.A. is a self-published author and a social entrepreneur based in Rhode Island, U.S.A. He has written and published several books and content via poems, quotes, fiction, non-fiction, blogs, and articles. Tony has received national & international recognition from Face2Face Africa, Modern Ghana, The African, Ghana News Online, SDG Philanthropy Platform and Alliance Magazine (just to name a few) for his articles about African business, culture, and philanthropy.

Email: [email protected]