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29.05.2019 Feature Article

Jesus Drank Alcohol. A Fact From The Bible

...Jesus And Alcohol
Jesus Drank Alcohol. A Fact From The Bible

Jesus drank alcohol; so says the Holy Bible. But before you cast a stone at me, take your time to read and meditate on the scripture below:

For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, 'He has a demon'. The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say 'Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and "sinners"'. But wisdom is proved right by her actions". Matthew 11:18-19

From the above, we see that Jesus was accused of being a glutton, a drunkard and a friend to sinners... Why? Simply because they saw him eating, drinking and chatting with sinners... But what exactly was he actually eating and drinking that made them to call him a glutton and a drunkard? The answer is in the names they called him...

A Glutton and A Drunkard

First, we have to know who a glutton is and who a drunkard is.


* A glutton is a person who eats too much of food and

* A drunkard is a person who drinks too much of alcohol (not water)


Now, I want you to take note of the keywords used for each term:



From the above, we see that before a man can be labeled a GLUTTON, he must have connections with FOOD. In the same way, for a man to be called a DRUNKARD, that man must have something to do with ALCOHOL (and not water, since a drunkard refers to a person who drinks alcohol).

PLEASE NOTE: I can't call you a drunkard simply because you drink water. I can only call you a drunkard if I see you drinking alcohol; whether little or no little. The fact that you drink alcohol is enough evidence for religious fellows to call you a drunkard. I hope you got that!

Mind you, those who called Jesus a drunkard were the Pharisees and the Sadducees, highly religious people.

The fact that they called Jesus a glutton shows that they saw him eating food. In the same way, they couldn't have called him a drunkard if they didn't see him drinking alcohol.

Note Again: the word drunkard does not refer to a person who drinks water or soft drinks. After all, Jesus turned water into wine ( John 2:1-11). The Greek word translated wine here is Oinos (fermented wine) and not flux (unfermented wine). Those who used to think that the wine here refers to a non-alcoholic wine have long been corrected. It is now clear that the original word used for wine in this context refers to fermented wine (alcohol)


Is food a sin? Is it not when you eat too much of food that you become a glutton? In the same way, alcohol is not a sin. It is when you drink too much of alcohol that you become a drunkard. That is why it is said TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING IS BAD

The question now is, if Jesus did eat and drink as told in the Bible, was he really a glutton and a drunkard? That is, did he really eat too much of food and drink too much of alcohol?


esus was a celebrity in his day and continues to be the biggest celebrity in our day. (John 12:12-13, 19, 20-22).

As a celeb, there's hardly a thing you ll do that 'll b kept private. Every little thing you do is exaggerated by both fans and foes. This was the exact situation Jesus found himself. People exaggerated his person, his teachings and his acts; and this they continue to do even to this very day. But let's not go there now. But you may want to read one of my articles on religion... Just click on the link below

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Now back to the reasoning, If the personality of Jesus was actually exaggerated, calling him a glutton would actually imply that he was not really a glutton. It will only point to the fact that he did actually ate food in his sojourn on earth. And calling him a drunkard would imply that he was not really a drunkard; but actually, for a fact, he did drank alcoholic wine. This means, although Jesus drank alcohol, he didn't drink too much of alcohol to the extent of being a drunkard. And Although he eat food, he didn't eat too much of FOOD to have deserved the name a glutton. But because he was a famous person, anything he did was always on the news and foes were quick to exaggerate his issues just to dent his person.

Jesus, in one or more occasions, might have been spotted eating and drinking with some tax collectors/agberos in a bar, restaurant, or any other public place. That was why the people were bold enough to call him a drunkard and a glutton. That could as well, have been the very reason they called him a friend of sinners... And of course, we all know that he was indeed a friend of sinners. In case you don't know, the tax collectors in Jesus' day are the same agberos we know today in our garages and bus stations. Now look at these people, and answer this question... Are they godly or worldly? I leave you to answer that yourself. But i want you to know that such were the people Jesus had as friends... Even to the point of making some his disciples... E.g Matthew the apostle

When They Accused Jesus, What Was His Response?

Jesus, a righteous man, didn't deny the fact that he did eat and drink with sinners. But we all know that calling him a glutton and a drunkard is only an exaggeration by his foes to tarnish his image. Jesus however corrected their notion. He told his accusers that wisdom is justified by her actions. He went further to make them understand that it is not what goes into a man that defies the man, but what comes out.. ( Matthew 15:10-11)

Unfortunately, this is where the world is getting it wrong? People tend to be more religious in what they eat than in what they do. I call them religion fanatics! They preach against what you drink yet their character is not even as clean as what you think. And then i ask such people, which of these do you think is more important: The things you do or the food you eat? Peter the apostle actually thought it was the food we eat that matters but God was quick enough to correct his error in the book of Acts 10:9-16...

The same way, Jesus is correcting you today... Stop judging people by what they eat or drink... It is not what you consume that matters to your salvation, but what you do. Every man shall be judged, not according to the food he eats, but according to the things he does (Romans 2:6, 2 Corinthians 5:10, Rev.20:12).

To this end, my dearly beloved reader, I want you to know that alcohol in itself is not a sin the same way food isn't a sin in itself. The drinking of alcohol and the eating of food is not sin either. It is when you eat too much of food and you drink too much of alcohol that it becomes a sin... This is what makes you a glutton or a drunkard... And this is what the Bible warns against. For example, the bible says eating too much of honey is bad. (Proverbs 25:16,27). This doesn't mean the eating of honey is bad in itself. I hope you got that!

The point is, too much of everything is bad. Hence, We are admonished to be modest in everything we do...

Apostle Paul, who was one of the firsts to be called a Christian because of how closely he emulated the lifestyle of Christ told Timothy to stop drinking only water but drink little alcohol... (1Timothy 5:23)


*For the stomach sake... And for his frequent illnesses...*

Here, we see that alcohol is even medicinal and useful to the body just as food is to our body... But alcohol/food can be injurious to our health if consumed in excess... This is what scientists call abuse... And this is exactly what God frowns at... Thus, we are told to be modest in everything we do. TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING IS BAD...

HERE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: If the drinking of alcohol were a sin, Paul wouldn't have encouraged Timothy to drink...

Above all, if the drinking of alcohol were a sin, Jesus the Messiah wouldn't have drunk with sinners even to the point of providing it for people at a party when the host ran out of wine.. (John 2:1-11)

And because too much of everything is bad, Paul the apostle advised Timothy to drink but little... Thus, in Ephesians 5:18, Paul explicitly discouraged the drinking of excess alcohol...

Note: He discouraged the drinking of excess alcohol And not the drinking of alcohol


* There's nothing wrong eating food, but don't eat too much. This is what will make you a glutton and a sinner

* There's nothing wrong drinking alcohol. But don't drink too much. This is what will make you a drunkard and a sinner

What Am I Saying And What Am I Not Saying?

I'm not cajoling you to start drinking alcohol... Neither am I asking you to stop... I'm only telling you that the drinking of alcohol is not a sinful act as you were made to believe by your pastors and Bishops. And now, this is not a yardstick for you to start abusing the use of alcohol... Remember, too much of everything is bad and this applies to everything you do in life... Selah!

Deepest Thought: Have you ever wondered why they gave Christ soured wine when he actually told them he was thirsty? ~ John 19:28-30 be continued

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