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31.07.2018 Feature Article

Report 32st General Assembly of the Organization of the New World Order (ONWO) in Addis Ababa, September 31st 2111

Report 32st General Assembly of the Organization of the New World Order (ONWO) in Addis Ababa, September 31st 2111
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The General Secretary of the ONWO, Hon. Eric Mensah, in his opening remarks, remembered the delegates from all Member States of the end of the UNO 50 years ago due to bankrupt as the Member States had not honoured their financial obligation and disagreement over the policy of the given mandate.

China was and is a politically and strong country that had only focused on managing its own internal affairs and immense challenges by taking natural resources away from other countries and see poorer economies as their target markets for their products and services.

India has still not overcome its cast system and internal cultural challenges, developing its economy on a fast pace as competitor to developed countries and companies in the then so-called developed world while on a political level their contribution for world development with new ideas was and is limited.

Russia as a former Super Power collapsed from the inside as old wine was put into new bottles. USA lost its strength to renew itself and its appropriate answers for a better world order.

Europe´s time had come to an end to take a rest and be open to learn from others how to structure its economy, set new innovative targets for humanity and political progressive ideas.

Africa by its human power had been able to make a drastic and dramatic turnaround. Their leaders and people under guidance and help form strong Men of GOD and assistance of White Presidents and Ministers in their African countries had used the time wisely and effectively to generate good income from their now exhausted natural resources to build economies outstanding in the world with very creative and fast-moving entrepreneurs that have the capacity to embrace national and world issues for their own country´s good to make Africa the World Leader, under the Leadership of Ghana forming a better world for all of us on our blue planet.

The Institute for Progressive Humanity in Accra, Ghana, visited by the brightest Scholars of the world had made and continues to make a great impact for the human race and the way we should live a better life not to be ever perfect, but ever better and better. Their research and lectures have made us in the world of what we are today be it on earth or our excursions into outer space.

THE ONWO had come to the glorious decision and conclusion to see this world not as nationalistic or as a colonial greediness issue, but to understand the world is for the people in their particular setting of tradition, political past, economic development and various dreams of a better and better future of people in between agreed and set borders but ideas and conviction for cross-border solutions based on common standards of living together on our planet, yet to be tolerant enough for different approaches to achieve the same goal, a happy sustainable life for all of us.

For that matter, it has become standard in all our countries that their political leadership is not based any longer on born citizenship, religious believes or skin colour, but purely on intellectual and personal qualification decided by the majority of the electorate of certain countries. Allegations of new colonialism were exposed as nonsense but comfortable shield behind which dangerous ideas were hiding.

Hon. Eric Mensah closed his opening remarks by stating clearly that the time is now for Africa to lead as history has clearly stated generations ago, but as history also proves, will do so for only hundreds of years and not for eternal, for which reason the next Leader should get prepared for its time to take over and learn from the good and bad sides of the coming years to build a better and better world on.

The opening session was closed by standing ovation by all Delegates.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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