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Opinion | Jun 20, 2018

Essay: Life misused - Final part

He looked at the small boy with his black curly hair and smile on his face that was warming is heart. He looked into his brown eyes. Years back in hospital when the midwife had come out from the operation theatre presenting him wrapped in a thin blue blanket as his son, he was wondering because of his light colour seen an African nose in his face. She had laughed calming him down; the son would darken over the next six months, normal with mixed coloured children.

The husband looked at the suitcase by his side packed, time to leave. Remembering the moment his wife had admitted having cheated on him and him having forgiven her that very moment being left only with emptiness and a big question mark of why he had to live a life of lies. While she later would say that she had still some feelings for him as such emotions would never disappear so fast, for him that moment he had set himself free by forgiving her; no love, no hate was inside him anymore for the woman once GOD had chosen for him.

He looked straight into the eyes of the boy so innocent, not knowing anything of what was going on around him declaring, it is all about GOD´s plan, whatever we do, it is never about us when we walk with him leaving no door open for the demons in in the world to enter our mind and corrupt it.

What is written in the book of the Almighty GOD, must be one day fulfilled, can be delayed, yes, but never be stopped; what is supposed to happen, will eventually happen when you believe and trust in the LORD. He told him, as he leaves Germany behind and goes to Ghana, it is there, never thought by himself, by his own strength, he will met his wife to be, an Angel like no one on this planet. He knows as GOD had shown to him, he will find a Prophet by the name of Emmanuel Badu Kobi in Sakumono that will declare over him to be the richest German in Ghana, yet Millions of Dollars first will be stolen from him, his life will be in danger as bad people, because of these money, will try to kill him; he will be arrested when asking for his money back. His partner will be put into prison for two year in Lomé being innocent, a victim of a corrupt judge. His own family back home will write to him that they want to see him die in Africa while they had pushed his mother into her early grave by telling lies about him and taken all his procession into their own hands to ensure his life is truly destroyed forever.

But it will be GOD, his wife as his helper by his side and his Prophets and Pastors that will guide him, tell him to make sure never to meet his ex-wife or elder sister alone as they have the intention to kill him. They would pray for his salvation until one day the time would come to unveil the truth to be set free.

Yes, he would come back to Germany eventually for a short time only before settling down in Cambridge/UK where to find his final home and manage his companies in Africa from that place. He would travel the world and as Prophet Manasseh Atsu will declare over him, one special book will be read by Presidents and that he sees him standing in his own big factory. Without his Men of GOD even from far, he would never make any decisions but guided by their spirits only.

Our friend and family never want us to progress and lead them only to see their own weakness and short comings as possibly losing you as a friend or your respect.

It is our enemies that give us power and make us strong, let us write our story. King David was a man close to GOD`s heart as Goliath was to be defeated and much blood in many battles to be lost.

Praise and pray for your enemies for GOD to promote you from level to level through tough times to bring you your victory and a glorious life. Walking with GOD is never easy; life without him is a burden in desperation. Separate yourself from your family and the dark parts that is in your blood.

As you are an Autist, was his said about the boy´s condition, may be one day you will look for me and understand that the obvious we live in is the real world, but never the truth of what GOD has in mind for us. I had to sleep with my Judas to open up the way for my glory as Jesus Christ did with his cousin, his Judas by his side. Who am I to complain about the difficult times in life as GOD will always keep me alive in the face of my enemies while Jesus Christ had lost his life for us to sit at the right side of his father, our LORD? We better shut up and accept the valley of shadow that is made for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and stand in the bright shine of the sun.

He said finally: “So, my boy, always remember, only Men of GOD can reveal secrets, protect and guide us in life not to slip but fulfill his plan he has for us, our destiny.

After years of inner fight, my time will come to put my heart to rest and live in peace not holding bad feelings against my enemies in my heart and soul, but think only of the glorious future to change lives of many in this world and empower them with what I had to go through in life.

Let me leave you alone now by saying that I wish for you that you will one day find your own Man of GOD to open up your glorious destiny, stay blessed.”

He tried not to cry when he shut the door behind him, walked down the staircase, got unto the train to the airport, waited for the plane to leave and looked down with tears in his eyes from above.


Karl-Heinz Heerde
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