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25.08.2017 Feature Article

This is one way to prevent another UT Bank and Capital Bank saga in the future

This is one way to prevent another UT Bank and Capital Bank saga in the future
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At Rural Heights Foundation, we take the view that the quantum of resources that goes into social protection programs is a direct corollary of growth; (a) the corporate sector gives more to CSR programs and (b) GoG allocates more for poverty eradication programs when the economy grows. When A and B happens Ghana as a whole makes quantum leaps towards SDG goals #1, 5 and 10 by year 2030. Banking and Finance stands in centre stage of this growth agenda. A more stable and competitive banking sector that places the consumer at the centre of its activities is what is needed to make the shift. But having reviewed some industry-level literature across different geographical markets, a hypothesis has gradually emerged that cost inefficiency and value misalignment are few of the issues Ghanaian banks have to grapple with. Indeed, the interest rate conundrum that has become a topical issue seem to reflect a general price equilibrium across 3 key markets; labour market, property market (real estate) and delivery platforms (ICT infrastructure), besides cost funds and non-performing loan assets.

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This research seeks to contributes to this conversation by exploring some key questions about cost-efficiency and value alignment. Our dissemination plans includes direct engagement with some key stakeholders, radio discussions and online publication. I will therefore plead your kind indulgence to complete it for me if you haven't done so already. Also, I will ask that you share in your groups, then ask people to complete it. Be our champion. Thanks for been so cool.

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