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MAR 16, 2015 LISTEN

I am proud to be an old saint of the great St. John's School in Sekondi-Takoradi! The great St. John's School is the only "school" in the Western Region of Ghana! This school is located at Bakaekyir, a suburb of Sekondi off the Bakaekyir-Adiembra road. The school's official website is, and they can be contacted through P. O. Box 492, Sekondi, on +2330312046890 and [email protected]

The motto of St. John's School is "viam parantes" (Latin) translated as "preparing the way" in English. The great St. John's School is a boys senior high school offering business, general arts, general science and visual arts. The school uniform of St. John's School is green shirt with khaki shorts. This catholic school was founded by Archbishop William Thomas Porter on 29th January, 1952, having Rev. Father Francis Kwabena Buah as its first headmaster.

The school is traditionally affiliated to Archbishop Porter Girls' Secondary School. Moreover, St. John's School is incredibly unique in the area of soccer with several soccer achievements to attest to this fact! The saints and old saints of this boys school mostly try to prove their masculinity in various ways. And the saints are also trained by the school's system to be responsible gentlemen in the society as they grow! For the school's system immensely influences the everyday lives of the saints.

Again, this school also trains its saints to develop a classic personality in order to stand out and tall in their various worlds! Also, the moral discipline instilled in the saints of St. John's School shape the morality of these saints to live the lives of saints! The lives of saints and old saints of this school show the very nature of the school itself, and not by mere word of mouth.

That is the great St. John's School for you! My alma mater is a heavyweight in moral education and training in Ghana. ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL; VIAM PARANTES!

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(Dated 16-03-15).
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