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06.01.2014 Feature Article

The Clegy Are Pointing Fingers In The Wrong Direction Over Corruption

The Clegy Are Pointing Fingers In The Wrong Direction Over Corruption
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Its about time we holistically look at the cancer called "CORRUPTION" and develop mechanisms to battle it as we did against colonialism and all forms of military regimes. But it gets quiet interesting when a body that encapsulate about 90% of our population also come out and scream at corruption.

According to our population census almost every Ghanaian ascribe to a faith. And I am yet to come across one single faith that supports and teach the acts of corruption. They all teach love and promotion of human development with focus on the needy and vulnerable.

So if the clergy has anybody to chide and blame for the highest form of corruption growth they must look within. The worse form of corruption is in the church and among the clergy. If we all perceive politicians as corrupt yet many of them hold key leadership positions, on this score the clergy does not have any moral right to even point accusing finger. That is gross hypocrisy. Is it not for a fact that most churches appoint only rich people as officers?

How many of the leaders were OK until they got into church business to raise capital to start other businesses? Those government workers who sign fat cheques during harvest and fund raising, does the church know their exact salaries? A government worker can signed a cheque of 10000 ghc at harvest and fund raising but his position can't even attract GHC5000 a month.

Politicians and rich people are many times assigned to chair events with religious inclinations, what are the sole purpose of that? It's never a bad thing for a clergy to to be partisan, but we all know what has become of our partisan politicization, you are to lie through your teeth to defend your part or keep mute when wrong is being perpetuate.. Has the clergy been able to deal with such issues?

This Pharisee attitude of religion is a bane to development. How many youth in various churches can afford fees of their church universities. Who are the people preaching prosperity which has given birth to a generation that are tasty for material things at all cost.?

The church must first battle the corruption in the body of Christ... government is not only a system but make up of humans who all belong to one faith or the other. Are they not those who sign horrible contracts ? When those monies are acquired illegally where do they show off, not the churches and it's events? That contractor who did the half baked job, don't they pay tithe and give offering and special offering? Special prayers are said for rich men and the very politicians we label corrupt? We the church must bow our heads down in shame.

Why did many leave their mother churches to start new ones. The church has been so lazy with those who are mainly milking the poor in the name of church, yet we turn around to scream. Consider the affluence among the clergy. I can't take this anymore. The men of God who stand up to this Sadducees acts are never given prominence..

When you have a sore treat it first before you step out to treat that of others. There are many of the clergy that ordinary church member can't access... Demi-gods who have taken the place of God with huhuuhu titles. Competing who has the best of cologne, cars, etc. Let them declare their assets, let them voluntary agree to pay taxes..

Some used to travel on diplomatic passports.They should give us a break.I will not exalt the corruption in the system but don't the clergy break protocol for school admission into law, medicine and scholarship programs?

Don't they sit on boards of schools and students are milk to the skin..... We are mocking God all in the name of touch not my anointed.This is applicable to those who are straight and does not tint themselves with others stuff.The church must look at how it has failed to apply and preach virtue not righteousness. Today in church we have reserved seats for some rich people. They should leave us to talk about corruption and let them concentrate on the corruption within the church. There are more churches than private business, is that not worrying ? I know I would be called names but I also know true men of God know can be candid to my write up.

Let's ask if the clergy is same as it was 60 years ago? If we have more mosques, churches etc than business yet corruption is on the rise, then something is not right to warrant attacks from the clergy on the cancer called corruption which is perpetuated by members from churches and mosques of the clergy.

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