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22.08.2013 Press Statement

Stop The Peace Mantra And Deal With The Real THREAT!—PPP

By PPP Communications Directorate
Stop The Peace Mantra And Deal With The Real THREAT!—PPP
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The PPP has been monitoring the peace crusade and we are deeply worried about the sham, symbolic and superficial efforts being made by all manner of people for Ghanaians to be peaceful before, during and after the Supreme Court ruling. What broke the camel's back was the call for Nana Akuffo-Addo and President Mahama to meet as a sign of their commitment to accept the verdict by failed presidential candidates in the 2012 elections.

This is the most ridiculous thing to do.
The fundamental question is 'is that what will protect, secure or guarantee the peace and security of our mother Ghana'? All of us are burying our heads in the sand and running away from the real threats to our peace and stability. From where we sit, the real threat to our peace and security is the excessive, highly placed, including presidential level corruption that deprives us of our resources for infrastructure development and job creation. Majority of our youth are unemployed and are idle and the devil will soon 'find jobs for the idle hands'.

We as a people have lost our values as believers in the rule of law and in our institutions. Otherwise, why has it become necessary to appeal to, in fact beg the parties in the presidential election petition to accept the verdict from the Supreme Court?. We should rather have a situation where civil society and the general citizenry will stand ready to resist any individual or group of individuals who attempt to disobey the orders of the Supreme Court.

We cannot as a people continue to kowtow to the lawlessness on the part of political actors and surrender our God-given rights as a sovereign people in the name of PEACE, PEACE and PEACE!

We should be awake to our responsibilities to resist all forms of oppressors rule.

Kofi Asamoah-Siaw
National Secretary
Progressive People's Party

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