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Our Purpose And Free Will

Our Purpose And Free Will
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When things were originally set-up, God created capacities in human beings. God created potentials in everyone. Some people are given more potential, some less. When these potentials were or now are given to each person, what is given is an empty space. That empty space can either be filled by each person or by God. If God fills that empty space, there is no soaring of the soul. If God fills that empty space then the soul of the person disappears because the soul of every person is rooted in freedom. Each person must be free to choose how the empty spots or potentials are to be filled.

Today, some people do not want to believe there is hell fire. These people made choices about what goes into their potential or empty space. God gives that free will.But the book of Hebrews 10:26 says 'For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth,there remains no more sacrifice for sins'.

The word wilfully means unforced, voluntarily,one's own accord .We do sin inconsiderately,and of ignorance or weakness .If there isn't free will, God wont warn us about sinning ' wilfully'. God sovereignty does not diminish man's freewill. God never twists anyone's arm into heaven. God is all knowing of the past, present, and future.

The very fact that you are reading this may be an indication that He is or has called you for salvation. You have freewill to either reject Him or to accept this saving grace. Either way, He knew it, He planned it, He purposed it, He desired it, and He predestined the very thing that you are now reading. My prayer is that you could come today to the Savior and not reject the free give of His grace that is found only in Jesus Christ. You are free to choose it or you are free to reject it. The point is that the will of God will be done either way.

So Why did God set things up like this in the first place?

For human beings to reach the mountain top, there must be a low area. Tops of mountains exist because there is a valley or a base of the mountain. Remaining in sin is a choice. Being born in sin is not a choice you can opt out of, but remaining in sin is a choice you make. The emptiness in a person can be filled with God's love or with the darkness. Each person is born into darkness but can turn away towards God's Light of Love. Psalm 119:105 'Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,and a light unto my path.

Satan and his scum minions have invaded where they did not belong. They have crossed lines they should not have crossed. Mankind now relish the darkness without even a shred of knowledge about the truth .All human beings were designed to soar across all the universes of your reality and all the other realities God has created. Today, there is little soaring.

John 17:17 says No one can know what's true or real except through the light of God's Word,for the Word is truth,and truth means reality.Let your outlook on life be from the Word's perspective as the solution to darkness is light and God's word is Light. Amen

Be dead in sin,alive in Christ and a slave to righteousness.Bless you.

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