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21 June 2012 | Letters


The Coalition Against Corruption

20th June,2012
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice
Attn: Hon Dr B Kumbour
Ministry of Justice
P.O.Box M60



The Coalition against Corruption (CAC) is calling on you in your capacity as the Attorney-General of the Republic to immediately institute criminal charges, including that of causing financial loss, against the following Ex Ministers of State in the former Government:

1) Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo (former AG)

2)Papa Owusu Ankomah (former AG)
3)Ayikwei Otoo (former AG)
4)Joe Ghartey (former DAG/AG)
5)KojoMpiani (former Chief of Staff)
The actions and inactions of the above former Attorney Generals and Ministers in the International Arbitral Tribunal proceedings between Construction Pioneers (CP) and the Ghana Government has resulted in huge liability against the State from 2001 to 2009.

It is well known that CP procured several Partial Awards and a Final Arbitral Award at the International Court of Arbitration(dated 10 Oct 2006)all of which went against the Republic of Ghana. The former Government wilfully refused to settle the Awards promptly. This intransigence led to needless court actions in the United Kingdom, Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium, Wahington DC, USA by CP to enforce Arbitration Awards. Indeed, due to the non payment by the former Government of the Arbitral Tribunal Awards and non payment of undisputed certified certificates we are informed that this resulted in colossal interest against the State to the tune of over 630million euros.

The Coalition and the good people of this country need answers to the following questions:

1)What was the basis for the termination of the contracts between CP and the Ghana Highways Authority in 2001/2?

2)Whether due process was adhered to in the termination of the contracts?

3)Why did the Government of the day fail to pay the several Awards rendered against the country in 2006 by the ICA?

4)How much did Ghana lose by way of payment of collosal daily interest in relation to the country fighting the case at the ICA?

5)Why were the various cases filed in the Ghana Courts for fraud NEVER pursued?

6) Were the cases filed in Ghana only with the malicious intent of trying to void the contract which had already been performed thereby costing Ghana more money?

Hon, Attorney General, the Coaltion is unhappy, with the conduct of your office into the investigations of cases involving the payment of judgment debts. We demand that you publish the list of judgement debts paid to claimants between 2001 – 2008 so that the unhealthy partisan debate surrounding Ghana paying its legal liabilities will be put to rest.

Our concern is your inability as AG and that of the NDC Govt to successfully prosecute those former officials whose acts have led to the wrongful abrogation or termination of contracts in the erstwhile NPP administration. A few specific examples include judgment debts paid to contractors for the Ghana at 50 celebrations, the termination of the Telecom Malaysia contract with Ghana Telecom and the subsequent sale of GT to Vodafone, The abandoned Affordable Housing scheme and the shoddy 'dealings' allegedly associated with the Scheme, The Wireko Brobbey alleged purchase of ''toy generators'' for the VRA etc etc.

Hon. AG, if no action is taken, the Coalition will be left with no option than to resort to other legitimate measures in seeking redress, including 'sit ins', members 'barricading' themselves to your office and "occupying" both your office and those of the law courts to demand justice and equity in the handling of cases involving corrupt practices.

We give you notice that respectfully we intend to initiate these and other actions to press forward our claims by July 1st 2012.

Counting on your active co-operation and understanding to rid Ghana of corrupt practises.

The Coalition Against Corruption
(National spokesperson) Chief J. Ali (0245395354)
Greater Accra: Nii Otinkrang Ankrah (0243780857)
Ashanti Region: Charles Agyemang (0244106237)
Upper West Region: Prosper Puo Ire (0245158578)

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By: FRANCIS TAWIAH (Du quot-img-1