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Not obsession and craze, committment and passion you need for achieving the goal

Too much of purpose or goal orientation of people in the corporate may ultimately kill the organization. Does it mean people should not have strong urge and passion in achieving the set goals? The message should not be misread or misunderstood. When HR and the corporate make people to get addicted to the goals set for them in the beginning of the financial year must remember that too much of 'purpose focus' is detrimental both to the employee and the organization.

Due to corporate compulsion or pressure, may people forget the life and all its essentials and work and live a 'life' just for the sake of the 'goal' or 'target' set for them by the corporate.

Both, such employees and the corporate are doing great damage to the either. Nature has some finest examples to tell us how a 'mad or eccentric' love for the goal or purpose can even cause death. Look at the life of ferrets, the solitary mammal that lives in many parts of the world, adjacent to human habitation.

During breeding season, both female and male animals come to heat. Necessarily they search for mate to accomplish the goal of procreation. The very interesting breeding behaviour that can be seen in female ferret is that until she gets a partner to mate, she would continuously remain in 'heat'. The continuous production of estrous hormone in the female ferret is only facilitating the female animal to be continuously in the state of 'heat' until she finds a partner for mating. The 'continuous production and retention' of the female hormone-estrogen do cause death due to the various anomaly in female ferrets.

In brief, if the female ferret does not find a male partner during its heat period, the female ferret dies. Either 'die' or 'live and fulfill' the purpose/goal is what the female ferret appears to have been following in their life.

Is it wise to die if the purpose or the goal could not be met? Why some animals have taken such 'extremist approach' in their life?

Corporate and its HR must realize the great biological truth from a female ferret. When they constantly motivate and train the employees to always go after the goals, must check whether the employees are turning out be like 'female ferrets'.

If the HR or corporate believe that 'female ferrets' like employees are an assent to the organization, it is farce and myth. If such employees fail to achieve the goal, the next moment, they loose all their strength, capabilities, self belief and conviction. Plenty of employees who were super performers become like an 'appendix' in human body due to such 'madness or obsession' for goal.

It is love, passion, commitment and effort one need to generate while setting and achieving the goal and not obsession and craze. This essential message of nature, HR must understand fully and only then they can develop people for 'total' success than like a machine.

Ref: Management Book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management – lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article." © S. Ranganathan, Dr.

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