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Salary never help in performance of your employees

Salary never help in performance of your employees
16.06.2016 LISTEN

Luxury and fallacy of corporate are meant for people to perform or to enjoy, take rest and perish? This question is very pertinent to modern corporate. Most people feel proud and take arrogance in working big corporate than focusing of what career growth ladder they could see, whether they draw good salary and perks etc., are or not.

The question is whether the ambience, extravagant comfort and luxury provided by the organization really make the people work well and contribute effectively or making them lazy, slaves and addicted to such comfort and work hard than smart to retain such glory. In most instances, the people in corporate may not and need not over perform due to extra luxury. May be the corporate also want them only to do repeatedly engage in doing the same odd job. So people should not feel tired, should not feel the truth that their job is skill dependent and requires least creativity and intelligence. The organizations often carefully do all the needful to meet their demands to limit the employees to continuously skilled people.

But nature has contrarian story to tell us. In nature, luxury and extra comfort make most life forms to over perform and over contribute back to nature.

Just prior to flowering of lilly plant, if we fill more water in the pot to submerge the flower buds of lilly, the plant and the flower stalk would grow upward to grow over water. When more water is given, instead of flowering, the plant could have enjoyed the extra comfort and rested. But instead, it incurs an extra investment to grow further over water and then flower. It means, it work more to ensure it performs its biological responsibility - reproduction. The plant need to outgrow its extra luxury and only then it could perform. Therefore it out grows instead of getting submerged under the luxury and comfort.

On the contrary, the corporate people may also perform mostly to retain the comfort than as a result of such comfort provided to them. In truth all such comforts would make people lazy, inefficient and non productive. The point is not against the corporate fallacy or luxury. Nor should we compare the reproductive behaviour of lilly plant with performance of people in corporate. The larger message only we should draw without intellectualization.

Performance and perks always go hand in hand in nature but not in corporate. The reason being we are addicted to comforts and luxury whereas all life forms except man are addicted to instinct. Ironically man calls himself ‘highly evolved’ and other life forms as animals, less evolved.

Dr S Ranganathan