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March 28, 2012 | General News

STATEMENT: Rawlings Slams Mills' Gov't over Kofi Adams' suspension

The Statesman
STATEMENT: Rawlings Slams Mills' Gov't over Kofi Adams' suspension

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, please find below a statement from His Excellency Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings on current happenings within the government and the NDC leadership.

"When you find yourself in an unintended pit or hole the wise thing to do is to stop digging. It does not appear the Mills government is able to see the growing darkness around them.

They have lost so much moral high ground and now one of the most truthful, forceful, logically minded personalities of integrity in the party leadership is being treated like an outcast to serve a parochial and unpatriotic interest.

Do we need any other evidence to demonstrate that the Mills government has no intention of profiting from the truth?

Ghana needs a real and true awakening. The government is fast speeding the country into an abyss and as Easter draws near let us seek God's guidance in honest, unpretentious prayer of supplication.”

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