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The year 2011 has experienced very determining events that call for re-examination of our beliefs and the conducts of our faith as a nation and people. January 14th 2011 did not only mark the beginning of the Arab Spring, but also the beginning of the rise of people power and fundamental change to political governance and questioning of political democracy.

Timeline of 2011
The year has experienced an increasing demand for political accountability of governments, and some governments have been deposed by people's power. Major economic countries and institutions have gone into financial crises and bankruptcy. Europe and the United States of America are reeling under heavy financial turbulence. There is the fear of severe world economic depression. Very prominent world leaders have been removed from office and some have been killed not only by their own people but with the support of foreign governments and troops.

Poverty keeps increasing and violent conflicts looms all around us. The number of refugees is on the ascendancy as a result of dislocations caused by violent ethnic and racial conflicts and poverty. Modern slave trade has become a menace to the world, and morality is threatened by the strong wind of seeming liberty.

The moral authority and high-ground of the Church or ecclesia is fast eroding. The ecclesia has been embarrassed with high profile scandals, and the credibility of the faith is critically being examined on the board of public enquiry. Religious and ethnic extremism have caused so much damage and death to our very close neighbouring countries and it is stealthily gnawing at our country.

The fundamental pillar of society i.e., the divine institution of marriage and family is being cordoned by uncontrolled and unregulated freedom of full expression. Same sex relationship and other forms of unnatural relationships are gradually becoming a 'minority right' issue. Our culture and beliefs in the naturalness of nature is being threatened by economic dominance of imposing cultures of Europe and the West. Morality and ethics are being sacrificed on the altar of economic aid as countries and cultures that frown on gay activities are now being threatened with economic sanctions.

Ghana cannot pretend to be oblivious and immune to these major driving forces of the world.

Ghana pride herself in being hospitable and people of peace. Indeed Ghana enjoys relative 'quite' not peace. Peace is where people and nations are in harmony with GOD and with themselves. Hate has gradually eaten into our moral and national fabric. We live in the presence of GOD yet do not experience the love of GOD. In so doing we do not possess the spirit to demonstrate the love of GOD. It is however undeniable truth that GOD has been kind to this nation according to HIS grace and mercy.

Events over the years call for worry and critical thinking. In 2011the national capital lost 12 persons through a humanly created yet preventable perennial flood. Our roads have been inundated with motor accidents caused by indiscipline, recklessness, and disrespect for life of one another. The deaths recorded through these motor accidents equal the wiping away and maiming of two communities or villages every year. Homelessness and 'streetism' stare at us every turn of the day.

Our political arena and the media are cluttered with insults and abusive languages, ethnocentric sentiments and pettiness. While other progressive nations are using political leadership and media to inspire their citizens to greater heights, we are using the media and politics to destroy ourselves and mutilate the future of our dear nation. Unemployment, poverty, and crime confront us in higher force as we enter the New Year. There are no signs of these determining events changing for the better. It is very important as people of GOD and a nation to enquire about the world system.

The World System
It is clear that the world system is failing, and with it comes disappointments and dejections. The world order that has been hoped in to solve the challenges of the world has become impotent and incapable of responding to the complex modernity. Political democracy has failed to democratise power and resources and has failed to instil and restore order. The trusted economic systems and structures have crumbled in the face of looming poverty, and the value of economic power and strong national currency are deadened to the complex changing world. Morality and spirituality necessary to sustain social equilibrium has been thrown to the dogs.

The world system has taught us to believe in ourselves, seek self and by seeking self, the world will benefit. Adam Smith and Milton Friedman philosophies taught us to pursue self, and in the pursuit of self, the world and market will be a better place. This system has so much influenced us, even the people of GOD, that we have been consumed by the spirit of avarice.

We continue to give authority to persons without Godly principles, who possess neither talent for business, nor penetration in Godly, national nor world matters. We give power to people disposed to leading supine life, and who consult only their own private interests in taking national decisions that directly affects us and the future of the nation.

This world system has totally neglected the oneness of the cosmos and the inter-dependence law of GOD and nature, and communality of man. Belief in the divine oneness of the universe and the law of inter-dependence would have caused us to attach immense importance to selecting for leaders. It would have caused us as people and a nation to select men of sound principle, enlarged views, and active friends of humanity to administer governance in all spheres of our lives.

The Ecclesia
These determining events clearly tell of the failure of the ecclesia. The ecclesia is the salt and the light of this world (Matthew 5:13-14), yet it has been led astray in the pursuit of riches, showmanship, ungodly doctrines and denominations, rather than doing the bid of GOD. It is important to ask ourselves in this age of complex modernity, whether obedience to God should be demonstrated in our conservative and dogmatic obedience to church authorities and doctrines or to be more radical in obeying GOD in order to adequately confront these challenges.

The ecclesia is supposed to be the perfect world system for humanity. GOD has clearly spelt out how the world system should be administered. Political governance, economic, and even domestic administration and management have all been arranged before the foundation of the earth. The divine vision and purpose of our dear nation has never been pursued nor even discovered because, the 'church' has refuse to stand in the gap and has been afraid to prophesy the unadulterated messages of GOD to the nations.

The 'Church' has moved away from being socially, economically and politically relevant, to being individualistic and eccentric thinking that these attitudes demonstrate piety. Our prayers and offerings to GOD are intended for individual favours and 'blessings'. Our temples are in filth and yet we preach cleanliness. We have compromised with the world yet preach abstinence and purity. Yes, we have settled for preaching sermon of acceptation instead of truth.

Indeed, the sound of the drums of the endtime is so loud and the MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Revelations 17:5) is strangulating the nations. Ghana holds a special and strategic place not only for Africa but the world. Ghana is the keeper of the gate of time for Africa and the world. We are divinely set apart to programme GOD's divine development agenda for Africa and the world.

GOD is giving the ecclesia the opportunity once more. Now is the time that the ecclesia must rise above denominationalism and dogmatic conservatism, and listen to the deeper revelations of GOD for the nation. It is time that the ecclesia must rise up to the task our LORD JESUS, THE CHRIST commanded us to do, to disciple the nations. This is more than just evangelising to make Christ known. It is making Christian life more relevant to national, political, economic, social, and development issues that will lead to the betterment of both the spiritual and material life of nations.

The Year of Jubilee
The 'Church' and the nation have departed and followed the path of unrighteousness for fifty years. We are in the year of Jubilee. It is an opportune time to turn this nation back to the LORD. The LORD has reverted years of wastefulness to its original purpose (Leviticus 25: 13-34; 27:16-24), and all enslavement dismantle (Leviticus 25:39-54), and all debts owed through sin remitted in the year of Jubilee.

God's Commandment to the Nation: 2 Chronicle 7:14-16

If people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. My eyes will be open and my ears attentive to every prayer made in this place. For I have chosen this Temple (GHANA) and set it apart to be holy- a place where my name will be honoured forever. I will always watch over it, for it is dear to my heart.

So what?
The year 2012 should mark the beginning of divine specificity, creativity, and productivity in all sphere of Ghana's life. In the arena of education, entrepreneurship and business, economy, politics and governance, media and culture, family, religion and spiritual life, social etc., should experience the energy of these forces. This is the only option for Ghana's growth and development.

Specificity requires national vision and policy. Ghana needs a national policy that will seek, and articulate the concerns and interests of Ghanaians. In the 1980s and 1990s many national assets were sold under Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) to foreign corporate entities without considering the interest of the country and the citizens. Multinational corporations have major shares in mining, oil, and timber, while the country and the people who own the natural resources get very little or go hungry. The lack of strategic policy on the part of our nation means that we will have to rely on Western Europe, USA and currently China for our security and economic needs.

The nation continues to sign and enter into agreements that are detrimental to citizens and progressive development of the nation and her people. The nation lacks specific and strategic plans for growth hence we live in the quagmire of dependency and neo-colonialism. As a result, the nation does not know the selective projects and programmes to pursue that will exert distinctive influence on national development.

Ghana is rich in these natural resources, gold, timber, industrial diamonds, bauxite, manganese, fish, rubber, hydropower, petroleum, silver, salt, limestone, arable land, and large water bodies. However, the nation cannot guarantee food sufficiency. These resources are handed over to multinational corporations on the silver platter thereby depriving the nation and citizens the full benefits thereof.

Creativity in the sense that our leaders (elected or appointed and not only limited to political leaders) should have the ability to transcend traditional ideas, inhibiting patterns, and mediocrity in order to create meaningful new ideas, and methods to solving complex challenges that confronts us. The situation where people assume positions through the means of 'god fatherism' and other forms of negative isms, should give way to creativity grounded in intellectualism and high morals.

Productivity; the year must begin to experience dynamic and charismatic leaders whose thinking, thought processes, speeches, and actions should yield to favourable and effective results in the life of Ghana and Ghanaians. The attitude of 'business as usual' should be frowned upon and rejected in every sector of the country.

For instance, 2009 Auditor-General's Report revealed that Ghana lost more than GH¢2.5 billion as a result of financial irregularities in the various ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs). It made significant findings, including a major breakdown of controls over tax administration, cash management and the non ¬collection of debts, procurement irregularities, unsupported payments, stores irregularities, misappropriation of cash payment and unearned salaries. This financial loss is one in many of unproductive attitudes that require urgent solution.

GOD bless our homeland GHANA.
And make our nation great and strong.
Bold to defend forever, the cause of freedom and of right.
Fill our hearts with true humility
Make us cherish fearless honesty
And help us to resist oppressors and rule
With all our will and might for evermore.

Author: Kofi B. Kukubor
The author is a Lecturer at the Pentecost University College, and a Socio-political and Development Analyst

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