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In The 'Contempt' of Dominic Ayine

In The 'Contempt' of Dominic Ayine
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I would not have bothered to write about this. However, for the purpose of young minds to learn, i have chosen to write.

Today, Dominic Akuritingayine who was cited for contempt was in court on the orders of the JSCs. Accompanying him were Lawyers Tony Lithur, Marietta Brew, and Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo. The odd lawyer at the supreme court today which may surprise most of you was Lawyer Justin Amenuvor, lead counsel for first Respondent (E.C.) in the ongoing 2020 petition at the supreme court.

These Lawyers accompanied Dominic Ayine to the court to plead with the Justices and to thank the bench for showing magnanimity.

When one of the Justices asked lawyer Justin of his mission as he was not named as one of the Counsel to the case, this was his reply.

“Yes my Lord, I came to support my roommate, best man(Justin was best man at Ayine's wedding) and my best friend. I am not appearing as Counsel but as a friend of Dominic Ayine and a best man at his wedding. He was Commonwealth Hall Secretary in our year, he’s a very good friend of mine. We go way back.”

Earlier on, Dominic Ayine thanked Lawyer Frank Davies one of the counsels for the second Respondent for drawing his attention for crossing the line of contempt.

Coming home to my point.
Life is complex and intricately woven. As much as we sometimes get carried away by our convictions in the pursuit of what we believe is right, it is important that we act in a way that our conducts do not drive away our friends. In most critical times and when we are in deep shit, it is the good friends who will be there for us. Not the public that urges us on to go deeper into our mess.

When people act within the knowledge of deep conviction, it is not about hate for the perceived target or necessarily borne out of malice.

Let the young ones who aspire to leadership in whatever form, learn from this experience. Politics and our professions are a minute part of our life. We first exist with our families and friends before politics and pofession. The last thing that we shall cherish before death would be our families and friends who stood by us in our loneliest and darkest hours.


Kofi B. Kukubor

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