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Human life is nothing but memory?

Memory, how important it is for the corporate? How most organizations are processing the memory, storing them and using them when required?

Memory in simple sense is nothing but the ability to register, recall and relate a context or an object or time with its relevant meaning. In human life, the memory alone and is only making all meanings to his/her identity, gives a purpose and relevance and finally even the very existence of the relationship of any kind.

In a situation like Alzheimer's disease where a person would have lost the memory totally fails to connect or relate his/her 'self' to anything. Even such persons may not be aware of his/her name, identity, occupation, the family etc. It appears that human life is possible only when there is 'memory', otherwise, they will be like 'celestial bodies' spinning freely in the space and simply following the Newton's law of inertia.

Having full memory is also equally problematic to human life. The worst manifestations of memory are only 'vengeance' or 'revenge' that cause havoc in human life. The debate is not on whether 'memory' is good or bad? But how it exists in corporate world?

The corporate memories are of two types such as 'memory registry' and memory for use. The memory registry would remain as a document for any cross verification or scrutiny in future. This would be more of a legal document. Every organization must preserve such memory registry safely and carefully.

As far as memory for use is concerned, the organization should focus on 'memory' edition with time rather than keep storing and retrieving 'memories' from store for any use. For example, the organization would have failed or succeeded in some project initiatives at sometime. If the initiatives were not that successful, the organization may attempt to re-launch the project after sometime. When the re-launch initiative becomes success, only the effort and the subsequent success would likely to go into memory storage for future use.

The knowledge gained or acquired from the initial failure of the above project only would have made the project to become successful in the second or third attempt. Unfortunately, the memory associated with failure, the reasons for the failure and the subsequent learning would never get included into the new version of 'memory' of success of the project.

Once the organization had succeeded in a project does not assure success next time by just repetition of the same effort gathered from the past success. The message is that the 'memory edition' and retrieval of the latest/upgraded version of memory only would ensure success.

It is not mere recall or retrieval of the past memory the organization should focus, upgrading the memory with latest information's including the context, time and the situation of 'success' or failure for all future use.

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