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30 June 2011 | Feature Article

Could you sleep well?

Does man kind have anything to learn from a lion? Do we know why lion sleep for about 20 hours a day? Lion is very lazy or active?

The reason for lion sleeping for long hours is presumed to gather and recoup its energy that is necessary for hunting. This is a very simple evolutionary reason easily associated with such behaviour of lion. Is it the only reason or may be some more reasons are there?

The truth is different. Lion is considered to be the king of jungle. He is the top hunter or predatory in the food chain occupying the top position in the ecological pyramid. Lion has no hunters to get scared of or feared about in the jungle it lives and hence it can sleep peacefully at its own will and pleasure.

Only fearless mind alone can sleep peacefully. Lion being an animal without fear in the mind could sleep for more hours. The lesson to be learned by the mankind is that one need to keep the mind free from undue fears only then they can sleep peacefully. The fearlessness of lion is not born out of arrogance or stupidity but out of confidence and self belief. The opportunity the employees in corporate are looking for will favour only those who know on how display their strength with humility.

Lion being the king of beasts, nature has not provided any special favours or advantages for its comfort. It has to work hard for its food. It has spot, focus, approach the prey carefully, works hard, hunt & win and only then it can have its meal. Even to snatch the prey from other animals, it needs to work to show up its strength. Being on the top never means that things will fall at the feet automatically, that is what nature is all about and so too is evolution. Whether you are a prey or a predator, you have to work for your due. Corporate employees must learn this cardinal message from lion. It is true to CEO as well as to a peon. Every one has to do their duties and discharge their responsibilities. Never claim anything without effort and just through your position or power. This is the life story of lion, the beast of jungle.

Lion also hunt only when there is an acute need. Until an acute need arise, lion will take rest. Being the top order predator, if lion hunt its prey everyday means total disaster to the forest ecosystem. The lesson to be learned by the corporate tycoon is that only when there is an acute need, they should intervene in the day to day affairs in the corporate. This is true for everyone in the corporate. The implied meaning of the above is that minimum space and freedom must be provided to people only then there will be a sustained growth in the organization. The message lion conveys is very essential and inevitable whether you are a CEO or an ordinary officer in the corporate.

quot-img-1‘An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.’

By: William Dean Howel quot-img-1