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18.04.2011 Feature Article

Corporate hunters

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The politics of victimization and favoritism are very common in corporate world. More often, the people who know only 'doing their job well' find themselves to be 'prey' species in such a vicious net where as those who are well trained in the 'trick of the trade' will prove to be the best predator's in the organization.

Who survive the best in the corporate ecosystem? Prey or predator? In natural ecosystem, the prey species have several opportunities and abundance of food available. The corporate world is no way different from the natural ecosystem. If some one who knows their work well will always find a better job very easily. Being a prey, one need not feel hopeless in corporate system. The hopeless people are the one who enjoy the title of 'predators' in the organization.

In nature, the predators are very few in number and require very definite habitat requirement. Their survival is very limited if they are shifted to a new ecosystem. So is the case of corporate predators. These predators know only the trick of the trade and hence find it difficult to sell this trait so easily in other organizations. Further, their knowledge is very limited and can be read easily. Predators can't survive without prey species in nature. The organizations that are governed by good HR policies and guidelines will never entertain such predators.

The other challenge the corporate predators have is that, they have to prey upon the people working with them and also should never allow any one else to become a predator. The hunter-hunted are part of the blame game that occurs in organizations.

The hunter and hunted is very common and HR in the organizations must be aware of it and do something to set things in order. Usually, the predatory behaviour is seen among GM and levels above and such culture is likely to be more prevalent in single ownership companies.

As far as 'prey people' is concerned, they should stop worrying or fearing, as 'prey' species are given plenty of opportunity by natural selection. Prey species has great advantage of being very flexible, open and are willing to move to different ecosystem to protect themselves, whereas the predator find it difficult to move out a particular habitat. Your predator also finds it difficult to move to other organization whereas you many have many opportunities elsewhere.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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