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25.03.2009 Feature Article

Is Ghana sitting on an ethnic time bomb?

In recent times the political terrain in the country has been strongly connected to certain tribal and ethnic groups. For example the NDC is strongly connected to Ewes whilst the NPP has been strongly connected to the Ashantis. For me this is quiet worrying. It is becoming even increasingly disturbing with some of the recent troubles in the North which has had strong political undertones.

Just a few days ago a group calling itself the Ga Dangbe youth also came up with some strong demands against the occupation of a ridge bungalow by the former President Kufour. To be honest with you I never knew that traditional groups owned state houses until recently. The next time another group will rise up some where and say a particular political party's office is located on their stool land hence they should vacate it or face their wrath. Where are we going with all of these? Things of the nature should be left to the President and his team to resolve and not any vigilante groups or traditional council. If anyone has any scores to settle it should be done in the right way.

Again, I have observed the way comments posted by readers of various articles and news items on the internet has so easily turned into tribal war of words and hate messages for various tribes in Ghana. Sometimes, these messages even deviates from the original subject matter been discussed into very vicious and impolite war of words vented at particular tribes with strong political links.

These developments should be frowned upon. Fantis, Ewes, Ashantis etc are we not all Ghanaians. We are not the same people. It's very interesting to complain about racism when a Whiteman mistreat a Blackman but just check what is going on in our own country. I know of instances where some of these tribal sentiments have destroyed families. People have been killed as a result of this. Take a look at Agogloshie amongst other places. This has to stop.

I will personally urge us all to be very sensitive when writing or making pronouncements about various tribes. If some of these things are allow to continue, it will not auger well for our infant democracy. The problems in Burundi, Kenya, Sudan and Liberia just to mention a few were inflamed by tribal sentiment. It one of the most dangerous time bomb any nation would like to sit on. I will beg the President and his government and all political parties to work hard to educate the citizenry on the dangers on tribal attacks and provocations. Thank you.

(This writer is always asking intuitive questions that will aid national development. My objective is to see a 'corruption free' Ghana where people are given equal opportunities to excel irrespective of their tribe, colour, creed, religion, gender or age. Join Kweku Objective on this crusade) God Bless you!

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